Meatball Garlic Bread Pressed Slider at Universal Orlando Mardi Gras


I previously visited The Louie’s Gelato Window for the arancini Mardi Gras food item. As you may know, this window often offers pizza by the slice here. This pizza comes from the preparation kitchen of Louie’s Italian Restaurant inside. This “pizza” place provides lots of seating indoors and many outdoor tables also.

Also, many Mardi Gras guests have been overlooking this location for Mardi Gras food since they do not see a traditional tent.

The “Meatball Garlic Bread Pressed Slider” costs $7.99 before any discounts. The menu description for these reads Italian meatballs topped with mozzarella cheese stuffed between two slices of Texas Garlic Toast. Though not listed on menu, these sandwiches come with the spicier sauce also found with arancini food item.

The appearance of these sandwiches looks excellent for this type of item. The bread shows solid grill marks adding to the presentation. The plating helps guests enjoy the experience. Yet, this food item risks creating a mess with the nature of the sandwich and sauce. I suggest you get a few extra napkins.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

So how was this sandwich?

The overall concept provides value and good flavor. As you might expect, this sandwich tastes best if you get the cheese, meatballs, and sauce in each bite. The sauce offers the wilder, louder, and spicier aspect. If you want to avoid a bit of spice, then you can skip dunking your sandwich within the dip. In my opinion, more theme park sandwiches should utilize garlic toast. However, I desired more flavor with this toast. Yet, following 2022 Mardi Gras pattern, the spice resides mainly within the sauce not main portion of each food sampling.

Likewise, I desired more flavor from the meatballs. However, the flavor provided was adequate. Also based on nature of meatballs, individual bites face the challenge of getting way too much or too little meatball taste. As you might imagine spherical options served with bread do not stay put.

Many reliable theme park friends I trust said that they loved this sandwich. One such person declared this item their favorite Mardi Gras food item this year. They felt the portion size works very well as a good value. Of the savory food options, this one should rank high. Unless you have some objection to eating this style of food during a Mardi Gras celebration, this choice deserves consideration. Let the good times roll!

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