Maybe Disney+ Subscribers Should Wait Till Shows Are Fully Released To Watch Them?


Lately, whenever a popular Marvel or Star Wars show is released on Disney+ it is met with a lot of questions. Those questions are usually answered by initially labeling fans with derogatory names or telling people to wait until the show is over. The obvious solution to this would be to release the shows in their entirety instead of episodically, but Disney is not going to do that.

Which leaves the other solution of waiting for the show to release in it’s entirety before watching it. Now this of course means that you will probably be spoiled for surprises, but you won’t have the frustration of “just wait and see.”  It also means you may only have to subscribe for one month instead of two-three months, if you just want to watch a show.

Anymore Disney is putting the big IP shows back-to-back, like ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ and now ‘Ms. Marvel’ to try and keeps people subscribing longer and it mostly coincides with a fiscal quarter that can show higher subscriber numbers. At the end of the day that’s what it is about for them.

From the point of the consumer you might have a better overall experience if you watch the show straight through, after it’s all been released. If certain aspects don’t make sense initially, it gives the viewer a chance to wait and form an opinion based on either the entire show or a larger part of it than they would get if they watched an episode a week. It also  makes a better viewing experience overall because you see the entire show in a day or two and you don’t forget details that might be important later.

I have watched Disney+, and other streaming network shows, both episodically, and in one or two chunks. Both methods have their advantages, but I actually enjoyed the experience more when I knew I could keep going instead of stopping, waiting a week, and watching another episode. The whole watching at once was what made streaming different than regular television in the first place.

Of course some do prefer the episodic method for reasons like time constraints, but I think Disney might get less push back from fans if they could see where the show was going instead of getting an episode a week. But as I mentioned, they won’t because they want to string you and your wallet along for as much time as they can.

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