Marvel’s Eternals Projected Weekend now $60-$70 Million, Media Still Saying It’s “Soaring”


For weeks the projections for Marvel’s Eternals were said to be high, with some blogs predicting $100-$110 million for the three day opening and now they headlines are reading that it could make $70 million or even less (some sites are saying $60 million-$70 million domestic range.) The spin machine is already in place going on about how the film is “soaring.” This was even after they took away marketing from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings to try and bolster this film.

Here are two Variety headlines just three days apart

Where did the $100 Million-$110 Million estimates come from?

It seems it was a lot of media speculation based on a Tweet by box office analyst Charlie Jatinder. Even then that was the high end of his original prediction, but the media ran with that narrative.


Previously we reported that Box Office Pro was predicting it to fall in the $67 -$92 Million range and now it may just make the low end, maybe.

Each day if it breaks any record at all the media is writing stories about how it’s winning. But even comparing Friday totals, ‘Eternals’ came in at $30.7 million which is behind ‘Black Widow’ ($39.5 million) and it was released in theaters and on Disney+, and even ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ ($37.4 million).

Critics have already tanked the Rotten Tomatoes score. It’s currently sitting at 48%, while the audience score is sitting at 84%. Again, Rotten Tomatoes audience scores are always questioned because they are incredibly easy to manipulate by “review bombing” or “review boosting” of scores.

The totals are nothing to sneeze at for sure, but for an MCU film, that was only theatrically released, it’s not great.

We won’t know how it performs over all until Monday. I’m interested to see where the totals end up and I’m interested to see what people who actually saw the film have to say about it.

Rest assured, even if it underperforms the media will be there with excuses. Hopefully we don’t get tired accusations like people don’t like female directors or people hate representation. The pandemic will definitely be partially blamed. One thing is for sure, they will talk about how it soared and “won” even if it didn’t.

But hey, silver lining, it’s the perfect month for turkey.

*Edited because the overworked editor didn’t catch that millions were marked with K for thousands.*

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