Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Declined In Second Box Office Weekend. Is Now Behind ‘Space Jam’

It seems that Disney and Marvel’s “victory” was short lived in the box office as ‘Black Widow’ saw a sharp decline into second place as ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

Last week Disney was sending out press releases about ‘Black Widow’ and it’s performance in it’s opening weekend. It did fairly well given the box office since the pandemic, bringing in $80 million domestically and $78.8 million from the global box office.  Disney also said they made $60 million on Disney+ Premier Access, but without documentation it’s just their word for now.

‘Black Widow’ is not going to be the smashing success that Disney and Marvel want to present and you will notice that most articles talking about the fantastic performance add the caveat (during the pandemic.) But comparted to other MCU films, it’s not doing that well and just now hit $131 million in North America and $264 million globally.  When you consider it cost over $200 million, it’s not going to be a huge money maker.

Still a solid start that just fell by 67% in the second weekend and it has taken a back seat to the new ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy” bringing in only $26.3 million in the second weekend.

This past weekend ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ brought in $31.6 million domestically and $23 million globally.  Now that’s no where near what ‘Black Widow’ did for opening weekend, but it was enough to knock the film out of first place in only a week.

What’s even more troubling is that if films can’t bring in the numbers they used to, it might be bad news for theaters. Studios might want to go the route of Disney and offer films both digitally and theatrically, which could further cut into the box office revenue.

Disney and Marvel are going to want to watch the patterns with ‘Black Widow.’ That is a big drop off in a weeks time. Moving forward their “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” and the “Eternals” are likely going to have a tougher time with audiences as these are new characters to the general audience, where Black Widow was anchored by an established MCU character that many people liked.

Time will tell how this all plays out.

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Source: Variety


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