Marvel’s Avengers Video Game Massively Underperforms and Costs Square-Enix $48 Million


Ouch. The Avengers didn’t assemble as well as Square-Enix had hoped, and the AAA video game wound up losing them $48 million.

According to game industry analysts, the heavily promoted Marvel title massively underperformed, only selling 60% of what they had expected.

Square-Enix, the Japanese developer that is mostly know for RPGs like the Final Fantasy series, has posted an operating loss in its HD Games segment of more than ¥5 billion, or $48 million, for the second quarter, according to PC Gamer.

Scores on Metacritic have been pretty mixed. It looks even worse when compared to Sony’s own Spider-Man game, which came out two years ago.

Could the brand appeal of Marvel’s Avengers be wearing off with the general public after Endgame? Will new Avengers, like Ms. Marvel (who featured heavily in this game), be able to carry the movie franchise forward after the exists of Iron Man and Captain America?

Only time will tell.

But you can’t blame the pandemic on this one. Video game sale skyrocketed during lockdown. Players just weren’t feeling it.

[Source: PC Gamer, Twitter]


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