Marvel’s Avengers Accused Of Reusing Assets In Latest Update


The 2020 online multiplayer action game Marvel’s Avengers has seen quite a few controversies over its existence. The game was developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix and was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

When the game launched it lacked in single player content and had a decent number of glitches. It was quite obvious that the game was a live service title, meaning a title that launches at a lesser than desired state only to be updated as time goes on.

Unfortunately for Square the fans weren’t happy with the release, thus leading to sales plummeting and loosing the company around $200 Million in investment. The backlash was so severe it hurt the sales of their other Marvel title Guardians of the Galaxy.

Over time there has been some additional content like new characters and levels, however one package, Spider-Man, was exclusive to PlayStation via a deal with SONY. This caused some uproar from fans who were hoping for fair cross-play between platforms.

Now the game faces another controversy over a new character. This latest update being for the Winter Soldier. When the hero was added to the game players quickly realized they’ve seen his gameplay before.

A video by @IronNija2000 on Twitter shows that his moves is identical to Captain America:

This led to many players calling out Square Enix for the blatant asset reuse. This shows that after nearly 3 years of post-launch support the game is potentially operating under a skeleton crew. This wouldn’t be surprising since Crystal Dynamics, along with its owner Eidos, were sold to the Embracer Group earlier this past August. 

Marvel’s Avengers continues to underwhelm and disappoint fans, leading to the possibility of Square no longer using the Marvel license once support for the game ends.

Marvel fans are currently looking forward to the follow-up of Insomniac’s popular Spider-Man game plus a solo Wolverine title after that.

What do you think of Square’s reuse of assets?

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