Marvel Unveils New Loki Mid-Season “Every Loki Has Their Time” Trailer For Disney+


Disney and Marvel Entertainment have just unveiled their new mid-season trailer for the Disney+ show ‘Loki.’  The focus of this trailer seems to be “Every Loki has their time.”

The trailer was posted to Twitter earlier today:


It was also posted on Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube page:

The first half of the trailer seems to be things we’ve already seen from the first half of the show, while the second part of the trailer gives us a glimpse at the remaining episodes.

‘Loki’ will have six episodes in total and Wednesday, June 30th episode, will be the fourth one for the series.

Loki has been the most watched premiere of all the Marvel Disney+ shows, but there was a significant decline in viewership after Episode 3.

The viewership for the first day dropped about 163k to 727k from the first episode.  Not that 727,000 is a terrible number, but that’s a rather significant decline for this show.  However it is worth noting that with the decline the numbers were still better than the ‘WandaVision’ premier episode.

Some are saying that even with the decline the viewership numbers are still significant and high, while others suggest that the decline could continue for the remainder of the show.

It is also important to note that the reviews for the third episode weren’t as strong as the reviews on the first two episodes, even with various media outlets championing the third episode.

I would look forward at where Episode 4 hit in regards to viewership and reviews before deciding if the show has peaked yet or not.  Hopefully they can return to what made the first episodes resonate with viewers and pull it back up before it drops even further.

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