Marvel Studio’s ‘Black Widow’ Now Delayed over Coronavirus


Disney has now pulled their Marvel Black Widow film from the theatrical release slate. Black Widow was to hit theaters on May 1, 2020, but has now been delayed over the Coronavirus.

Previously they pulled Mulan and New Mutants. Like with those films, no new release dates have been issued.

Many now want Black Widow to be released as a digital rental, like Universal is doing with some of their films like Trolls 2, Emma, and the Invisible Man.

According to Bounding Into Comics, there are already rumors that Disney could be considering a November 6th release date for Black Widow or a sooner Disney+ release.

Now their information comes from an alleged insider who was commenting on 4Chan:

I am here so I don’t lose my job for breach of NDA. With the constant updates for the Coronavirus and the future up in the air for movies/media I’m here to spill the tea. I just had my contract with Disney for the Black Widow merchandise art postponed indefinitely. I have worked on both movie posters and cover art for three ad promos, PLUS DisneyPlus.

So we were originally told that the movie was still being released on May 1st, however nine days ago we were told to also redo everything for November 6th, 2020. TODAY, we were told that it will depend on how the FANS-WTF-react to the news of pushbacks and how The Rise of Skywalker performs being released early.

That’s right everyone, The Rise of Skywalker is a test for BLACK WIDOW being released on streaming, well on DisneyPlus. To add to this we were also commissioned, three days ago, before being put on hold ourselves, with commissioning a new poster for DisneyPlus for Black Widow. They wanted two versions, one with just the characters but the second with a price logo put in: $39.99 24 hours streaming. But before we could finish anything we were told to STOP everything. So now our company is waiting around for news on what to do.”

The leaker continued:

Will this release in theaters or on DisneyPlus? Well I can 100% tell you that they are planning for BOTH at this time. The fact they had us do a mock up for DisneyPlus art screams this is what will be the go ahead. Believe me or not, but the studios/theaters/everyone needs a heads up on what Disney is about to do. Everything is hush hush now and for this exact reason.

Now this is gossip, but we also heard that two of the stars of the film are wanting this released now and are wanting to be the first big budget movie ever to release this way to make history. Which does seem like a smart idea, for them, everyone would always remember Black Widow for this.

Of course this is all just speculation at this point, but with other studios taking similar steps it could be a possibility. We were talking about just this scenario, in regards to Mulan, just a couple of days ago on our Clownfish TV YouTube channel.

Personally I think it would make more sense to offer it as a rental instead of dropping it on Disney+ because they would recoup far more money at $20-$40 than the regular subscription rate.

But now Twitter is all asking Disney to consider it:


Actually Disney likely doesn’t right now…

This one made me laugh because it’s a valid truth!

We will keep you posted if we hear anything else.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Bounding Into Comics, Twitter


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