Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Out of the Hospital, On Long Road to Recovery


Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the MCU, is now out of the hospital after a tragic snow plow accident left him with substantial injuries to his torso and legs.

Renner returned home in time to watch the latest episode of Mayor of Kingstown with him family, according to a recent tweet. Renner has kept fans up to date on his condition via social media, and his spirits always seemed high.

According to friends in the know, Renner’s injuries were more substantial than was initially reported. In fact, there was a rumor that he could even lose one of his legs, though this does not appear to be the case per the latest update.

From The Radar Online

‘It’s much worse than anyone knows. Jeremy is very aware of the fact that he almost died out there,’ a source told RadarOnline.

‘The right side of Jeremy’s chest was crushed, and his upper torso had collapsed. He also had a bad head wound that was bleeding and a leg injury.’

‘Word is the damage to Jeremy’s chest was so substantial it had to be reconstructed in surgery.’

Emergency services had to airlift the television star to the hospital were he later underwent surgery on January 2 to place metal pins around his legs, along with chest surgery.

‘So far, he’s had two surgeries and he will likely require more in the weeks ahead on his leg. Doctors tend to space out operations to allow time for the body’s natural healing process to kick in, and that’s the case here,’ the source continued.

‘Jeremy was in a lot of pain, and was having difficulty breathing. He knew he was in bad shape and that he might not make it out of this.’

Thankfully, Renner did make it out and is recovering much faster than was expected. Whether or not he makes a return to the MCU as Hawkeye remains to be seen, but the second season of Mayor of Kingstown premiered on Paramount+ on January 15.

[Source: Daily Mail UK]

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