Marvel Is Teaming Up With ECG To Release Pricey Real Gem “Infinity Stones”


Disney has found yet another way to go after the fans with money. This time Marvel is teaming up with East Continental Gems (ECG) to sell actual precious gems to represent the different Infinity Stones. If someone purchases all six “Infinity Stones” they can purchase the hand crafted gauntlet to place them in.

Here is the official write-up:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Marvel, a universe where fantasy and reality live as one.

Inspired by the gemstones from the comic books, the Infinity Collection comprises six gems from a magical world where the most extraordinary wonders and elements come together to bring unparalleled beauty.

East Continental Gems, purveyors of some of nature’s most precious stones, have unearthed otherworldly jewels deep within our planet’s core to bring Marvel’s Infinity Stones to life.

Their natural properties have a bewitching quality in which luminosity and brilliance set their surroundings aglow.

Each gem will be numbered. They will arrive in custom packaging and a carrying case.

First up for sale is the “Reality Stone.”

Since the stone is red, it will be represented by a ruby. 300 rubies are available for purchase with prices ranging from $1,500 – $20,000!

The other five stones will be based on the remaining “Infinity Stones” including Mind, Time, Power, Space, Reality and Soul.

A completed glove worth $25 million was showcased at SDCC this past summer. It featured the following stones:

(Image Credit: The Hollywood Reporter)

The Mind Stone was a yellow diamond.

The Time Stone was an emerald

The Power Stone was an amethyst.

The Space Stone was a sapphire.

 The Reality Stone was a ruby.

The Soul Stone was a Spessartite garnet

So these will likely be the same stones offered for purchase but in varying levels of quality.

Each stone will be hand selected by Darren Romanelli, Creative Director of the collection. All stones will be certified by the American Gemological Laboratories  (AGL).

The stones are limited to one per customer with an expected ship date of November 21, 2022. ‘Reality stones’ are supposed to go on sale November 15, 2022, but one is already listed as being “sold out.” I don’t yet have release dates for other stones.

If the stones stay in the same price ranges (which is probably unlikely given some stones are more valuable than others) purchasing six stones could end up being within a cost range of $9,000 (which isn’t that bad) to $120,000. But seeing the various types of stones listed I expect it could end up being much higher.

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