Marvel Introduces ‘Eve’, Adam Warlock’s “More Powerful” Sister


With the upcoming release of the third and final installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy series we will be introduced to one of the most interesting beings in the Marvel Universe. Adam Warlock (Being played by: Will Poulter), a being created as a step-up in the chain of evolution in humanity.

While in the MCU he was created by the race of beings known as the Sovereign in the comics he was created by the Enclave. While originally debuting in Fantastic Four #66 in 1967 he would rebel against his creators and became a key figure in stopping Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline. 

However, it appears that his story, at least on the comic book side of things, if going through some “changes”. In an upcoming storyline to tie in with the new film Marvel Comics has decided to introduce a new character as a part of his backstory. That being his sister Eve Warlock.

Eve is being described as “stronger, faster, and smarter” than her brother. Despite Adam’s nearly 53 years of existence nothing ever indicated he had a sister. But now she is being retroactively inserted into the second issue of the prequel series Warlock: Rebirth

An official statement reads:

Set in the character’s early days, this pivotal chapter will explore Adam Warlock’s origin in astounding new ways and introduce a new character that will forever impact his legacy!

This idea of creating a female counterpart to an already established male hero, who is better in almost every way, has become a common trend in recent years, a trend that is beginning to rub readers the wrong way. Not to mention calling her “Eve” when they’re brother and sister is kinda gross.

What do you think of this latest Marvel retcon? Will Eve Warlock be friend or foe? And how will she be retroactively worked into the story that she has been absent from for over 50 years? Let is know.

Source: Gamesradar

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