Marvel Faces Backlash Over New Miles Moralis “What If… ?” Story



Marvel Comics has found themselves in some hot water over their latest story under the “Marvel What If…?” brand. For those who don’t know Marvel’s “What If… ?” brand is a series of alternate realities for their classic characters. Popular “What If… ?” stories include What If Doctor Doom Became A Hero?, What If The Hulk Had The Brain Of Bruce Banner?, and What If Spider-Man Joined The Fantastic Four?. There was even a recent What If… ? series on Disney Plus as part of the MCU.

The latest “What If…?” sees the character of Miles Moralis, an alternate universe Spider-Man, getting the powers of The Mighty Thor instead of Spider-Man. An interesting concept. But with this latest story Marvel has been lambasted from multiple sides over this latest depiction. 

The story is heavily criticized for its depiction of the traditional Nordic Asgard being mixed with the Bronx in New York City and how it depicts black culture. Multiple examples include the narration to the story being in the form of a rap, Miles Moralis saying “Hammer Time” whenever he picks up his hammer, graffiti on Mjolnir and various other reasons.

Let’s just say that people on Twitter have been letting their voices heard over this…

This latest controversy shows the out of touch writers/editors who are running Marvel Comics. This is very reminiscent of the time they tried to reboot the New Warriors with characters like Snowflake and Safespace, only for it to get canceled before release. Stories like this really need to be looked at before being announced. 

Hopefully this will be the last time a huge mess-up like this makes it past editorial. Marvel Comics’ future is hanging by a thread and Disney could easily cut the line at any time. 

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