Marvel Announces ‘Marvel Made!’ Limited Run Merchandise Shop


Hey Marvel fans! Marvel has just announced a new partnership with ReedPop to create limited run merchandise called Marvel Made!

Here’s the info from Marvel:

Welcome superfans to the newest and most exciting way to get exclusive Marvel goodies—introducing Marvel Made! Marvel Made, powered by ReedPop, will be producing high-end, limited run merchandise and they’re kicking things off with an exclusive set of pins and merchandise featuring designs and art from Eisner Award-winning Skottie Young!

The premier bundle will include fifteen exclusive enamel pins, EXCALIBUR #1 and an oversized hardcover notebook. This will be limited to only 2,500 bundles and will be numbered.  The cost is $199.

The pins in this set were special designs just for this launch. Included are a basic set of 10 pins and 5 “bonus” pins. The set of 15 will be exclusive to Marvel Made.

The basic set includes: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Loki, Captain America, Iron man, Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow and Wolverine.

The bonus pins are: Carnage, Hulk, Thor, Advanced Suit Spider-Man and Jean Grey.

If you are one of the first 1,000 people to order the premier bundle, there is also an exclusive ‘EXCALIBER’ #1 sketch variant cover by Skottie Young.

If you have a Marvel Mastercard (which I didn’t even know was a thing) you can be eligible for an exclusive X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 Marvel Made variant cover when you purchase the premier bundle.

Blind Box Pins:

If you would rather buy pins in smaller amounts or for trading there will also be blind boxes available that contain two random pins. These will only be available until August 7th. They cost $30.

Blind box sets contain the basic design pins including: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Loki, Captain America, Iron man, Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow and Wolverine. Again you get two random pins per blind box set.

With many comic shops closed down and sales not moving like they usually do (which aren’t that great to be honest,) I think Marvel is trying to move towards alternate ways of making money. Pins are incredibly popular with publisher lately because they sell where books don’t always.

What to you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Marvel, Marvel Made!

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