Mark Hamill Compares Galaxy’s Edge Blue Milk to Pepto-Bismol

2 glasses of Star Wars green milk and one glass of blue milk

Oh, Mark Hamill, you’re such an enigma. We love you as Luke Skywalker and the Joker, you’re abrasive as can be politically, and your relationship with Disney is complicated… to say the least. And so it is that we’re not surprised Mark recently took to Twitter to compare Blue Milk to popular stomach medication Pepto-Bismol. I’m not sure that it was a positive comparison.

We assume the folks at Disney were none-to-thrilled with that sort of a comparison, although they should be used to it by now. The reviews of blue and green milk when the Galaxy’s Edge expansion opened were underwhelming. Whereas Butter Beer and Lefou’s Brew are two theme park beverages with nearly flawless execution, the various Star Wars non-dairy milk products were divisive; some enjoyed them, some really did not. Ideally, you want a custom theme park beverage to have a very low percentage of guests repulsed by it. I myself find it to taste like a melted popsicle — not great, not horrible, but not worth buying over a different drink.

However, within a single day, Mark was back on Twitter to clarify that he actually did like the beverage. That’s good for Mr. Hamill, because we think we’ll be seeing more of Luke Skywalker in the near future with the Favreau and Filoni Star Wars Universe. Can we just call it the Favloni Universe at this point? Anywho, Hamill needs to stay in on the good side of Disney’s marketing and PR efforts considering we think rumors that he and Grogu (baby Yoda) will be less of a focus in future Disney+ series are untrue.

So, with the fruity frappe faux pas fixed, we hope the notoriously off-the-cuff actor may be back in the good graces of Disney. Or at least perhaps he’s absolved himself of one more sin against the mouse to such a degree that he can continue working with Favreau on fixing Luke Skywalker.

Meanwhile, did you know that WandaVision is now marketing that it too will be featuring a cameo just as big and awesome as Luke Skywalker appearing in The Mandalorian? Of course, that’s basically impossible considering Luke Skywalker returning was the pop culture event of December, putting The Mandalorian at the top streaming spot on all streaming services for the first time ever. But it is interesting that they’re trying to build up that sort of a belief for WandaVision… kinda makes you wonder if my dissenting review on the last episode wasn’t so far out of the mainstream. I don’t have WandaVision streaming numbers just yet, but I’m looking very forward to seeing how Marvel is doing compared with The Mandalorian. And I’m pulling for WandaVision, I’m just not convinced yet that it has the compelling story needed to get Marvel into a successful new phase. I am glad that Scarlett Witch finally has the gravitas she deserved in the MCU, so there’s that.

So if you’re still wondering how popular Luke Skwaylker was in The Mandalorian, try “popular enough that they’re using him to bring in Marvel viewers now.”

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