Mardi Gras Vegetable Vindaloo at Universal Orlando


To my knowledge, Universal Orlando did something very out of this world in terms of food offerings for Mardi Gras this year. They created a full menu of vegan options. Also, they decorated a food tent with a plant themed façade. Based on the façade put up before the event started, we expected this to be exclusively plant based. For once, our deductive reasons succeeded in reaching a proper conclusion.

The food menu for this vegan themed food tent looks like this:

Very recently, I selected the Vegetable Vindaloo from this food tent. In fairness, I arrived with some preconceived ideas about this dish. I expected some spice. I also expected full flavor. Also, I prepared to eat poorly prepared vegetables. My assumptions held up for only one of these thoughts. However, I got two very wrong. In fairness to the Universal chefs, these assumptions might have clouded my experience.

The menu description for this read Romanesco cauliflower florets and sweet potatoes, braised in a hot and sour broth. They were served with a small portion of basmati rice. This item costs $9.99 before discounts.

My first assumption held true. This dish involved some spice. I expected and wanted a bit more. I forget the principle of theme park spice levels. Nothing this year compares in spice level to Jamaican style chicken and jackfruit of last year. However, the spice level provided a solid experience.

As mentioned, full flavor served as an expectation. This dish failed to deliver that. Each individual component lacked something to be a solid vegan dish. Nothing rated as bad. Still, nothing created a “wow” experience either.

On a positive note, I anticipated poorly prepared vegetables.  In this case, my expectation lacked any validity. All the vegetables were prepared well. They were presented in excellent fashion also. Though, I would have preferred more flavor in the vegetables as noted earlier.

My other thoughts about this Mardi Gras offering were positive.  The naan bread served with it tasted good. Basmati rice was warm and well prepared. As mentioned earlier, the dish came with an excellent presentation.

In conclusion, I love seeing a vegan exclusive food tent. I would have preferred a better dish though. However, we should expect increased vegan options at Universal Orlando to continue in years to come. May all your theme park dining go well.

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