Mardi Gras Muffuletta Sandwich at Bread Box CityWalk Orlando


Near the food court area upstairs at Universal Orlando CityWalk resides the quick service dining location, Bread Box. Bread Box provides a slightly more cost-effective option for guests not interested in table service dining. The overall quality of this place brings a wide variety of quality sandwiches. In addition, Bread Box offers soups. The desserts served here deserve praise.

However, as you might expect, the sandwiches star at this place. Like so many other Universal Orlando dining options, a Mardi Gras themed offering exists here. As a sandwich place, the chefs here created a Muffuletta sandwich.

The description reads “salami, mortadella, capicola, fresh mozzarella, provolone, Creole olive dressing, tomato, and iceberg lettuce on a muffuletta bun skewered with a pickled pepperoncini.”

This sandwich costs $11.99. You can add fries, coleslaw or tater tots for $2.50 more. For quick service, this price point starts to reach the cost of full-service dining. However, the chefs did a great job designing this sandwich.

In typical fashion, Universal food and beverage embraced the theme of Mardi Gras very well. This sandwich represents a solid theme park version of this. Also, Universal offers an in-park version at the food tents within Universal Studios Florida. However, the Bread Box version contains higher quality ingredients and a larger portion size. Of course, that would be expected at a place like this.

So how was this sandwich?  First, the bread tastes great. Possibly the bread serves as the best part. Yet, other parts of this sandwich were good so not a criticism of sandwich overall. The meat quality rates high for quick service theme park food. The meat brought some appropriate amounts of spice and flavor. As a pseudo food blogger, I deconstructed half of my sandwich tasting each portion individually for quality.

Why would I be so meticulous? In simple terms, I disliked my sandwich. I wanted to know why. That demanded some research. I found the culprit quickly. The Creole olive dressing dominates the sandwich. In addition, the quality of that dressing fails to match the rest of the sandwich, being the weakest link. If the olive dressing was cut in half, guests would get Muffuletta taste without being overwhelmed. Also worth mentioning, the tomato slice within my sandwich was fresh but juice leaked out of sandwich making a mess on paper on the serving tray. You should see this in some of my pictures.

In addition, the fries with my sandwich cost more and tasted inferior to ones I had at Hot Dog Hall of Fame earlier in the day. Based on that, my biggest concern rests from a higher price point not rewarding me with better food. This sandwich makes a solid addition to Mardi Gras themed food at Universal Orlando. I doubt the sandwich and fries are worth basically $14.50 before discounts though. Unless you are a huge fan of Creole olive dressing, this sandwich does not merit your time. If you enjoy quality meats and cheese with olive dressing, this sandwich fits you perfectly. Perhaps you experience will differ from mine and a few other trusted diners who had this sandwich. As always, eat like you mean it!

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