Mardi Gras Mexico Food Universal Studios Florida: Highs and Lows

Mardi Gras Mexico

Mexican food continues to be popular throughout the world. Universal Orlando Resort takes advantage of this with seasonal food and beverage locations themed to Mexican cuisine. Of course, this becomes easier when Café La Bamba resides near the area commonly used for seasonal Mexican items.

The Mardi Gras Mexico food and beverage location offered four different food items for guests this year. Some qualify as hits and some were very inconsistent. This year, we tried several of these items a few times over the first week of Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando Resort.

Mardi Gras Mexico

Vegan Churros ($7.99)

Mardi Gras Mexico

These churros have already made our “Top Three Things” for vegan diners list.  We thought these made a great addition to the food festival game at Universal Orlando Resort. We wonder if these could be sold year-round. The sauce with these churros could have been better, but we still applaud Universal Orlando Resort for serving vegan churros.

MArdi Gras Mexico








Based on the several times we tasted these, the preparation quality varied. For non-vegan diners, you will notice the difference between these and well-prepared churros if you can find those in the theme parks. Overall, this sweet treat deserves a high grade.

Tacos Al Pastor ($8.99)

The menu board tells us to expect “pork al pastor off the spit with pineapple, pickled red onion, and habanero mango sauce.” In fairness, guests do receive that for their money. Still, the most dominant flavor would be the habanero mango sauce. Though we did not enjoy the sauce’s flavor, it provided a solid igniting kick for your taste buds. That spice level works very well with the tacos but we would have preferred more actual flavor.

We ordered this two times. Both times, we found the sauce lacking flavor. Based on the suspected intended design of these tacos, the sauce serves as the main component pulling it all together.

This menu item also suffers from supply issues and preparation speed. On several occasions, we visited the Mardi Gras Mexico location to be told that no tacos were available.

It will be enjoyable if you receive a well-prepared version of these tacos. However, we lacked that experience. Both times, the pork on these tacos tasted and looked very dry. The tortillas failed to hold up.

We wanted to like these. Hopefully, your experience will be better. We have heard from other people that they loved these tacos, so bear that in mind. Our involvement with these tacos ranks as disappointing. We would take the Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck over this option.

Baja Shrimp Ceviche Tostada ($9.99)

Guests receive two small tostadas with marinated shrimp and avocado crema on a blue corn tortilla. We had this three times and consulted many colleagues about this Mardi Grad Mexico item. On the positive side, the shrimp meat brings a refreshing flavor based on the preparation style.

However, the preparation style giveth and taketh away. The tortillas could become soggy. Whether this happens to you appears to be the luck of the draw. Also, we would have preferred the shrimp to star more with this Mardi Gras Mexico food item. In fairness, this creative idea for festival food should be commended. Yet, we found this to be average at best.

Elotes ($7.99)

Striving to finish on a high, not a low, at the Mardi Gras Mexico location, we reach the Elotes. This char-grilled corn seasoned with jalapeño mayo, ancho chili powder, cotija cheese, and cilantro makes a perfect festival item. Though you may feel $7.99 is a bit high for seasoned corn on the cob, other nearby food festivals charge far more for less corn.

The preparation of the corn was wonderful every time we had it. The presentation was also very appealing. The toppings were solid but unevenly coated on the three elotes we tried. Yet, we love the cotija cheese from Thunder Falls Terrace used on this corn.


 Nothing at this Mardi Gras Mexico location counts as terrible. Far worse value and quality exist at this year’s event – looking at you, Columbia location. However, we felt some items offer a more consistent quality over others at the Mardi Gras Mexico location at Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras event.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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