Mardi Gras Belgium Tent: Best Option This Year?


Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando spread out far more this year. In fact, Mardi Gras food and beverage tents popped up this year in more places, Islands of Adventure, and even Universal CityWalk Orlando. The food ranges from styles from all around the world. For example, some location serves Indonesian and Japanese cuisine. Traditional New Orleans-style cuisine can also be found.

A question some people pondered was: Which Mardi Gras food tent ranks as the best?

Some concluded that the Mardi Gras Belgium location offers the best options. Do you think you will agree?

Mardi Gras Belgium

What makes the Belgium booth so good?

The Mardi Gras Belgium location serves three food items. For the record, none of these will make your nutritionist happy. Still, one of these items has already made a “Top Three Things” list article. The Mardi Gras Belgium booth sits on the bridge between the London Waterfront and the Springfield, USA, area of Universal Studios Florida.

Mardi Gras Belgium

Brussels Frites ($5.99)

vegan dining

This snack option returned from two years ago when a Belgium food tent was in the KidZone area. However, the version this year comes with standard fries not specially seasoned like two years ago. Still, the fries taste far better than those at Mel’s Drive-In or Richter’s Burger Co.

The crispy seasoned fries are paired with sauces, Andalouse, and Joppiesaus. The sauces taste good and make this Mardi Gras Belgium item stand out. The fries and sauce qualify as vegan. We preferred the Jopplesaus sauce, which looks and tastes like curry mustard, even though it usually is mayonnaise with some curry seasoning for this style sauce.

Mardi Gras Belgium

The fries and sauce come in an attractive-looking container. A windy day may blow your container away if you order this, so hold onto it.

Liege Waffle S’mores ($7.99)

This pearled sugar chocolate chip waffle is served to guests with marshmallow cream, chocolate sauce, and graham cracker crumbs. Chocolate fans will love this sweet treat. The combination of chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream, and graham cracker crumbles merge to create an excellent waffle combination. For some people, this combination of sugary goodness may be too much. However, if you are willing to take on this sugar challenge, you will enjoy the experience.

Liege Waffle Berries and Cream ($7.99)

Our favorite item from the Mardi Gras Belgium booth would be the Liege Waffle Berries and Cream. This pearled sugar waffle featured a large amount of strawberries and whipped topping. The menu description also mentions the strawberry and cream crumbs with this treat. The crumbs on top add just the right amount of texture and flavor to this dish and the toppings complement the waffle.

The well-prepared waffles avoid becoming soggy and seem to soak in the flavors of the toppings. The slight crunch of the pearl sugar reminds you that this waffle brings more than an average flavor. The strawberry syrup added to your waffle when you order it offers a good amount of sweetness but not too sweet.

Mardi Gras Belgium
Photo Credit: OrlanDave YouTube Channel

This waffle might be the best item this year. However, the large amount of toppings could lead to a mess if you are not careful. This waffle demands a fork, knife and perhaps a few extra napkins to enjoy.

With everything at this Mardi Gras location costing under eight dollars before any discounts, your budget might enjoy this option. However, the only way to determine if the Mardi Grad Belgium food and beverage tent offers the best food would be to visit Universal Studios Florida. Please enjoy it if you are lucky enough to visit before Mardi Gras ends on April 16th.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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