March’s ‘Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction’ Release Was A Disney Disaster


Today, at 7AM PDT/ 10AM EDT, was the release of the March line for Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction, and it was, as one person put it, “a blood bath.”

I have purchased the items each month and have had very little trouble doing so, but this time took me 40 minutes and three separate orders to get items.

Here’s my story:

I was lucky enough to see the items when they came up, but for some new items didn’t load until 10:15 EDT, and added them to my cart. Prior to the release I had made sure I was logged in and had updated my information for my credit card.

When I went to check out it made me re-do everything again, then processed for several minutes before kicking me off and emptying my cart.  This happened repeatedly for me and many other individuals.

One time I even got a Fairy Godmother message that said it was saving my cart, then it doubled my items in my cart, which put me over the “1 per customer” allowance. Then I had to spend several minutes trying to get my cart worked out to even attempt to check out.

This month was compounded by the fact that the Disney Stores have closed, however the stores will be getting their allotment when they re-open, so the same amount available online for a lot more people.

It was a disaster.


And they already are:

Nothing like counting your chickens before they hatch. Disney often cancels orders if they run out. I wouldn’t put anything up unless I had it in my hand.  A lot of people who did get through are worried they will get the order cancellation notice.

People do understand that the stores had to close. Not many were complaining about that, but Disney knew it was going to sell faster than normal with considerably more people trying to get the items.  The site struggles on these and they really should have made sure it could handle it. But hey at least it wasn’t toilet paper.

Also, if you tried calling they just would say “the lines were busy” and hung up on us several times.

Sure, they will eventually come to the retail stores, and that is great for everyone who has access to one, but not everyone does. Hopefully it goes much smoother next month.

Source: Disney, Twitter

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