Maple Bar Doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut Orlando


Voodoo Doughnut arrived at Universal Orlando CityWalk creating plenty of interest. The unique offerings here beckon guests towards the sugary goodness. I realize that doughnuts can be a personal preference. Some fans of doughnuts dislike Voodoo Doughnut. Perhaps they prefer the simplicity of classic glazed doughnuts. Also, some people feel overwhelmed by the powerful flavors contained in the fillings of some of these doughnuts. In addition, when you are used to paying one dollar for your standard grocery store, there can seem overpowering. The basic Krispy Kreme/Dunkin Donuts cost between $1.40-$2 so perhaps sticker shock might happen.

Currently, Voodoo Doughnut sells over fifty different types of doughnuts. Thirteen of those doughnuts are classified as vegan doughnuts. They range in price from the same as chain doughnut places to about $4. I suggest the best combination of flavor and value might be the “Maple Bar” at Voodoo Doughnut.

The “Maple Bar” only costs $1.75. The menu description tells us to expect a raised yeast bar with maple frosting on top. In addition, Voodoo offers a cream filled version of a maple doughnut. Also, Voodoo sells a “Maple Bacon Bar” which costs $4. The only apparent difference between this basic maple bar and then bacon one is…the bacon on top.

Having tried both on the same day, I find the value of the basic maple bar far superior. The maple icing on top tastes great. I realize the flavoring fails to be true maple flavoring. Still, the quality makes this doughnut a solid option. In my three different times having this doughnut, the yeast portion always feels and tastes fresh. Based on the composition of this doughnut, the maple flavor exists in each bite. Also, the bar doughnut form offers a slightly larger portion than many of the ring doughnuts at Voodoo.

If you are timid about trying adventurous doughnuts here, give this one and the “Buttermilk” one a try. I think with a bit of discernment you will find a doughnut to fall in love with. I liked this one so much it made a previous “Top 3” article.

As always, eat like you mean it!

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