Map of the World Showing ‘Favorite Disney+ Film’ By Country


I thought this was a bit interesting and wanted to share it with you all. Parkdean Resorts has created a world map that shows “favorite Disney+ movie” by country. The map was generated with information about what films were searched most by Google.

Some of these results could just be people getting access to a movie they hadn’t had a lot of access to prior. So it’s hard to make solid determinations based on the data, but I love the idea!

Here’s the world according to Disney film preference:

North America:

The United States apparently loves “Frozen” while Canada is more of a “101 Dalmations” country. Mexico allegedly prefers “A Bug’s Life.”

Over in Europe:

The UK seems to like “Avatar,” Germany “Mulan,” France “Ratatouille,” Italy “Cars,” and Spain has “Aladdin” to name a few.

Over in Asia:

Frozen wins big with “Russia.” While China is “Avatar,” Japan loves “Sleeping Beauty.” You can check out the map for other countries.


Australia is another country of “Frozen” lovers!

South America:

We have several big winners here. Brazil are “A Bug’s Life” fans. Argentina prefers “Frozen,” but Peru is all about “Cars.” You can check out the map for more.


Over in Africa was can see the Egypt prefers “Lady and the Tramp.” While Algeria and Nigeria are “Avatar.” While South Africa are “Mulan” fans. Again, check out the map to see more!


Down in Antarctica they prefer “Avatar”

I can only image the time it took to create this! I really appreciate their creativity and commitment to the idea! You can learn more about the map and other articles over at Parkdean Resorts.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Parkdean Resorts, What’s on Disney Plus

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