Man Sues Walt Disney World Over Scooter Accident

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If you’ve been to Walt Disney World, or other parks nearby, you’ve likely seen the electric scooters being used. Visiting parks in Orlando require a lot of walking and for some that isn’t something they can do, so they will often rent wheelchairs or electric scooters. As with strollers, it can lead to injury.

Unfortunately a man was injured and it caused him to miss his college basketball season when he had an accident in 2018. While visiting Hollywood Studios, David Maynard, was struck from behind by an electric scooter and it severed 97% of his left Achilles tendon. The injury required surgery and rehabilitation. Now he is suing Disney for more than $30,000

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the lawsuit states:

Maynard has suffered great pain and anguish of the body and mind,” his lawsuit said, which accuses Disney of allowing scooters too close to pedestrians and not properly training the unknown driver of the Disney-owned scooter, among other allegations.”

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World, you’ve likely seen the scooters and strollers everywhere. That being said, it is true that people will just walk right in front of the electric scooters. I’ve seen it many times. But it’s also true that some individuals will use their scooter or stroller as battering rams to push through the crowd too. We personally have been injured by rude people with strollers, on 3 different occasions, which I think are misused more often than the scooters are.

What can be done?

I don’t know what the answer is for these issues. Some people legitimately need the electric scooters, and they do have protections under the law. I’ve seen them try to navigate and people will not let them through. Often, we will stop to let them out or around us because no one else will.

I’m sure it’s hard to navigate in them, especially when people just stop in the middle of the road or sidewalk to look at a map or take a photo. You have to stop a vehicle that might not stop as quickly as a person.  But sometimes they go too fast and if you would be hit they could most definitely do damage. In most parks there isn’t enough walkway to offer a designated lane for scooters.

So it’s an ongoing issue for both sides.

The Orlando Sentinel says this is the fourth scooter-related lawsuit filed against theme parks in the Orange Circuit Court, just this spring.

It’s clear some kind of solution needs to be reached. If we all would be more aware of those around us a lot of accidents could be avoided. Many just get the “Disney brain” where they are so focused on themselves and their own families, that they don’t pay attention to those around them. Let’s all try to be a bit more kind and bit more attentive.

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Source: The Orlando Sentinel

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