Man Dismisses False Imprisonment Lawsuit Against Disney


According to the Orlando Sentinel a New York tourist named Marc Rubin, has voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit against Disney for false imprisonment charges after he was arrested for attacking a cast member during a Magic Kingdom parade.

The lawsuit filed was filed in 2018 and indicate that Rubin planned to propose to his fiance at the Magic Kingdom that evening, but was arrested instead. Allegedly after a Cast Member asked him to move for a parade.

According to the Sheriff’s incident report:

In 2015 Mr. Rubin was arrested in 2015 after being detained by Disney security.

The Cast Member said that she had asked him to step 3 feet back, which is normal, as the parade was coming into the area soon. She claims he screamed in her face, grabbed her shirt collar and threatened to punch her in the face.

Rubin claims that didn’t touch her, but said his family went to a concession stand and he was worried if he moved he would be separated from his family.

Here’s the account from an earlier Orlando Sentinel article:

According to the lawsuit, Rubin said that when the Disney employee asked him to move, he asked for a “brief delay” for the rest of his group to return from the concession stand.

The employee insisted he leave immediately and a “verbal altercation ensued,” although Rubin said he never touched her, the lawsuit says.

Rubin became “aggressive” and yelled that he wasn’t moving without his kids, the employee said, according to an incident report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

She turned around and Rubin grabbed her to pull her toward him, the report said. Then, “Marc grabbed her shirt collar and threaten(ed) to punch her in the face,” according to the incident report.

On her portable radio, she called her manager who hurried over. He said Rubin was swearing and grabbed his arm, according to the report.

The manager did not arrive in time to see Rubin grab his employee but said he witnessed “Marc’s demeanor and arrogance,” the incident report stated.

The suit was dropped in March and there is no record of a settlement, but they had reached an “impasse during mediation in September 2019, Orange Circuit Court records said.”

If you have ever been to parades in Walt Disney World, you’ve probably seen that they will make sure you are out of the areas you shouldn’t be in, normally marked by ropes or tape. I can personally attest to people getting verbally abusive with Cast Members if they are asked to move. Usually, when they show up just minutes before and try to stand in the areas they aren’t allowed to stand in. Now, I’m not saying that’s what happened here, because I wasn’t there and I don’t know what happened, but I am saying I can see how this could happen, so I recommend getting your spot early and making sure you are within the designated seating areas.

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Source: Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel

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