Mama’s Fried Chicken Review at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company Orlando

(Photo Credit: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.)

When most guests enter Universal Orlando CityWalk area, they see Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Company on their left. This full-service dining location offers a wide variety of menu items. As the name states, you should expect many shrimp options here. If you are familiar with the character played by Tom Hanks in the movie, you will see many ways shrimp is the “fruit of the sea.” Also, Bubba Gump’s serves steaks, pasta, burger, sandwiches, and even fried chicken.

Some veterans visitors to Universal Orlando dine at Bubba Gump’s often. They talk about this being a favorite restaurant of theirs. Many of those same visitors order Mama’s Fried Chicken at Bubba Gump’s. Now, Forrest Gump loved his mama so maybe he loved her fried chicken also. The menu description reads: “boneless chicken breast, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and gravy.” This entrée will cost you $18.99.

Photo courtesy of Sabol Family Vlogs YouTube Channel

Mama’s Fried Chicken fulfills its mission as homestyle comfort food. Sure, this fried chicken will not make you forget about your favorite version of fried chicken. Nevertheless, the overall quality and taste of the chicken earns loyalty from its fans. The sides accompanying the chicken are also solid components. The gravy lacks something in terms of distinctive flavor but matches reasonably well with the potatoes. Yet, the potatoes and corn provide solid back-up position to the lead singer, the chicken. If you are dining with a less adventurous eater, this chicken will satisfy them. They might consider it a solid go-to item when visiting CityWalk eventually.

Obviously, this entrée will not appear on many low-calorie diet plans. My key concern with this dish builds from the price point. The portion size of the dish meets theme park standards. However, the price point functions a bit high for the quality. Yet, this dining location functions within the Landry’s Restaurant umbrella. Since Bubba Gump’s is a third-party chain restaurant, customers can find this exact dish at many other locations throughout the USA. Some guests express this chain restaurant issue takes away the excitement of this dish and restaurant in general.

Balancing that, guests with AAA memberships and/or top two-tier annual passes at Universal Orlando, get 10% discount on most items here. Also, if this restaurant appeals to you, then getting a Landry’s Select Club card/membership could save you money and time.

The key positives of this place are possible discounts and wide variety of menu items. Of course, the negatives of being a chain lowers this restaurant in opinion of many visitors. Bubba Gump’s creates polarizing opinions on food quality. The fried chicken provides one of those polarizing examples. Guests tend to either love the chicken or feel the chicken lacks overall value. Some dining decisions must be made ultimately by you. If you crave wholesome comfort food, then this entrée might bring warmth to your heart as well as your stomach.

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