“Major Sweets” Ice Cream Sandwich Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2022 Food Review


The prime sinister character within the “Sweet Revenge” scare zone in the New York area of Universal Studios Florida goes by the name of Major Sweets. In honor of him, Universal Orlando devised the “Major Sweets” Ice Cream Sandwich. You can find this sweet treat near his scare zone in Gramercy Park with several other food booths. Guests may purchase this cute looking ice cream sandwich during Halloween Horror Nights evenings for $6.49 before applicable discounts.

The menu description for these reads “zombie candy corn sugar cookie, filled with sweet corn ice cream.” Still, I fail to know what zombie flavored cookies taste like. However, this cookie comes with mixed reviews. Some guests loved the cookie claiming it to be the best part of the treat. They enjoyed the frosting and cookie combination. In fairness, the frosting in the design of Major Sweets does enhance this ice cream sandwich.

Photo Credit: Universal Orlando Resort

However, the preparation process for this treat has changed since opening weeks. I assume this process change relates to the need to produce more of these in a shorter time. Previously, the ice cream would be scooped on the cookies. They were made “fresher” at the food tent.

Photo courtesy of OrlanDave on YouTube
Photo courtesy of OrlanDave on YouTube
Photo courtesy of OrlanDave on YouTube

Now, the ice cream now comes pre-portioned to speed up the process on the cookies. I think the new process works faster but lowers quality by a small amount. In my experience, only with new process, I found the cookies not to be as good. The cookies need a bit of help, in my opinion, with the ice cream softening them as the ice cream melts, they improve. My experience with the cookie portion was a harder cookie than desired for an ice cream sandwich. In fairness, balancing a sturdy cookie to support ice cream and avoiding it being too hard is a tough juggling act.

The ice cream portion reminded me of Asian style ice cream. When combined with the cookie, you do get that candy corn flavor. If you dislike candy corn stay away from this one. I heard some people voice concerns about sugar overload, but I did not experience that.

Overall, I enjoyed this sweet treat. Yet, my experience caused me to feel the individual components needed each other. However, eating this as a large ice cream sandwich makes the most sense to me. My conundrum revolves around whether this sweet treat measures up enough to wait in a queue for it. The queues for the Halloween Horror Nights food tents can look daunting at times.

With all the sweet items at the Today Café and San Francisco Pastry Company, does this sweet treat earn your valuable time?

Honestly, I have not decided myself as I type this sitting in my hotel room deciding what I will be eating tonight. Yet, this unique ice cream treat makes a fine addition to the Halloween Horror Nights food items this year. As always, eat like you mean it!

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