Major Firework Testing Reportedly Coming to Magic Kingdom

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Fireworks haven’t been seen on any significant scale at Magic Kingdom since the pandemic closed Walt Disney World a year ago. That may be about to change, however, as a trusted source has sent word exclusively to Pirates and Princesses that Disney may be planning several overnight fireworks tests that will be so significant they could shut down roadways during their operations.

According to the source, Disney is aiming for the month of April, although that could be pushed back if needed. The overnight tests coincide with work taking place behind the scenes at the pyro launch site for Magic Kingdom. This project, referred to as Project Nugget, has seen a series of upgrades for the launch site, including redundancy safety systems, greatly increased data transfer capabilities, and more.

While the firework tests are said to be substantial, we have been cautioned by a separate insider that this is not indicative of any new, long-running fireworks shows, although older shows may have slight upgrades. One thing we’ve heard is that in the future Disney may be looking to do a greater number of one-off fireworks shows for various special events. We think that’s likely whey they have created a new position for a director of their pyrotechnic shows at Walt Disney World. Project Nugget should give this new director the ability to create some fantastic and unique displays down the road.

As for the firework testing, please remember that we have not independently verified the information, other than having received the details from a trusted source that has been right multiple times in the past about very secretive details inside Disney. Whether or not this portends firework shows returning to WDW for the summer has yet to be seen. We’re currently hearing August in backchannels, but we’re hopeful that could be pushed up sooner. One thing we can say is that if you would like to see potentially impressive fireworks back at Magic Kingdom, you might want to find a place in the late night should you hear that either World Drive or Floridian Way are being closed behind the Contemporary Resort.

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