Major American Movie Theaters Drop Mask Requirements


In a continuing return to pre-pandemic normalcy, major American movie theater chains are dropping their requirements for mask mandates. Some of these companies had previously allowed customers to remove masks once sitting and socially distanced inside theaters, while other chains had required mask-wearing at all times. All major theater chains have followed local and state requirements.

“In accordance with CDC guidelines, masks are not required for guests who are fully vaccinated.” — AMC Theaters

The change in mask requirements is being initiated by AMC, Regal, and Cinemark theaters. All cinema houses will continue to follow local and state guidelines, although we’re not sure if individual franchisees can modify the rules according to their own desires.

AMC Safety and Health Guidelines

Since May 21st, AMC stock has nearly tripled from a $12.55 share price to $31.54 as of publication. This author sold quite a bit of AMC stock back at around $19 per share, making a fair bit of profit, but now in hindsight was perhaps of the “paper hands” variety given AMC’s incredible gains. For those unaware of the terminology, “paper hands” refers to those who sell stocks at a minimal gain, while “diamond hands” refer to stockholders who continue to hold until a large payout is available. So say the internet stock “memers” who at least partially are responsible for saving AMC during the pandemic.

Redditors Scoop Up More AMC Stock

Meanwhile, it seems that other movie theater chains are doing well beyond just AMC. Although Cruella debuted to lackluster numbers, A Quiet Place 2 has opened to a fantastic $50 million draw, making it the most successful movie in theaters since Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic was the last big film before the pandemic shut down theaters in America… and some had thought for good. But with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt leading the charge, it looks like movies just might be back again with the same big screens we’ve been enjoying for a century now.

And that’s some good news we can all get behind.

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