Major American Companies, Including Disney, Suspected of Using Slave Labor in China


In the United States, Americans agree in unison that slavery is bad. Heck, we fought a way over it and banished the practice over a hundred years ago. To this day the evils of slavery affect our nation with negative consequences. Yet despite this condemnation of the past, the United States is benefiting monetarily through its corporations from modern slavery, only this time its hidden from plain sight in a far off land known as China.

According to the New York Times, many American and international corporations are now seeking to water down legislative language that would ban companies from sourcing materials and labor through slavery in China. In case you haven’t heard, China is in the business of using concentration camps and slavery, both on the scale of millions of victims, and neither Coca-Cola nor Lebron James seem keen on calling out slavery unless it happened a long, long time ago.

“In a report issued in March, the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, a bipartisan group of lawmakers, listed Nike and Coca-Cola as companies suspected of ties to forced labor in Xinjiang, alongside Adidas, Calvin Klein, Campbell Soup Company, Costco, H&M, Patagonia, Tommy Hilfiger and others.”

Nike and Coca-Cola Lobby Against Xinjiang Forced Labor Bill

J.R.R. Tolkien once compared evil to a tree whose roots can never be killed, and thus it must be watched diligently to make sure it cannot rise up again. Unfortunately, it appears our western companies not only are protecting the evils of slavery, but they’re watering the damn tree to make sure it grows big and strong. Whereas the United States and England were forced to defeat Nazi Germany in the 1940s, a far greater threat is rising in China where 1.2 billion people live under communist totalitarianism that controls every aspect of their lives and knowledge. So, keep that in mind as you read the following excerpt from a Chinese sociologist speaking at a conference in China (where you don’t say anything the government disagrees with):

“As long as 1.4 billion Chinese people eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate every day, as long as we go to work every day, we will drive the U.S. to its death.”

So with many American companies chasing that Chinese yuan at the cost of all morality, and with prominent Chinese persons declaring publicly that they intend to destroy the United States, surely Disney is distancing itself from its own China controversy! Well… no.

According to NBC, Disney has STILL not responded to congressional requests to Bob Chapek asking for information that would prove Disney did not use slave labor during the production of Mulan 2020. Not only that, but Disney has not responded to reasoning for why they used security and propaganda channels connected to Xinjiang slavery and concentration camps. And now we’re left wondering strongly whether Disney is part of the group of companies trying to water down legislation that would prevent the use of slave labor.

Lawmakers Quiz Disney Over Xinjiang Connections

People often read history as if they would always be the good guys, and they always wonder how in the world evil was allowed to come to power. Surely they would have stopped it! Never could evil arise in the modern world, because we just know so much more than our ancestors. And yet here we go again… the largest companies and the largest country in the world, all supporting slave labor, concentration camps, and more. Whatever they say publicly, look to what they do in private to see where they really stand.

Meanwhile the United States is marred in a contested election, a full-blown culture war, and the destruction of societal binding agents that used to bring conservatives and liberals together. All of that plays into an enemy ideology that seeks to gain power over the rest of the world. As for Disney and the rest of the companies playing with fire for a little more money in the present, this author only wonders how much longer it is that the vision of Walt Disney himself remains. It stands to reason that Mr. Disney’s image stands in opposition to everything China stands for, and I strongly question how long until Mr. Disney meets the same fate as that silly old bear.

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