MagicBand Slap Bracelets Are Coming Soon!


This is one trend from Disney that I really like in theory, not sure yet about practice, but it seems pretty cool.  According to the Disney Fashionista Blog (make sure you give her a follow if you love Disney fashion) Disney is going to make MagicBand Slap Bracelets.

I grew up when Slap Bracelets were the rage and I like this idea. For those that don’t know what a Slap Bracelet is it’s a piece of metal or plastic wrapped in a protective sleeve that when you slap it against your wrist, it curls around and locks into place.

Slap bracelets grip on pretty well so I think it would hold okay for most people. I really don’t think it would fall off anymore than the current bands would. What I really think is a waste of money are the bling pieces you can get for your Magic Bands. They do not stay on and get lost all the time.

As a mom I especially like this idea for kids. It’s a lot of fun for them to put them on and it’s much easier for them to get on. Sometimes getting the traditional MagicBands on can be harder for kids. I know I’ve had to help my daughter many times. However, this is one they would most likely take off continuously to slap it back on and it could lead to loss. Which could also happen with the regular bands too, but these ones they would want to play with.

Another upside, it would keep them entertained in line if they just want to play with it, but the guardians will have to keep an extra eye out to make sure it stays on the wrist. If this one gets lost I think a child would notice quicker though.

So far not much is known about this new type of MagicBand, but we know that they will begin on Tuesday, November 12th and they will have multiple character options including the previewed Orange Bird and Frozen bracelets.

I can’t wait to see these and I will be purchasing one for sure!

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Source: Disney Fashionista

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