D23 News: ‘Magic Happens’ New Daytime Parade Coming to Disneyland

(Photo Credit: Disney)

Bob Chapek has just announced a new Disneyland parade coming spring 2020 called ‘Magic Happens’

This will include floats inspired by Moana, Coco and more, featuring floats, amazing costumes, and beloved Disney characters – all led by Mickey Mouse and his pals.

It honestly feels like it’s the Disneyland equivalent of The Festival of Fantasy Parade that happens at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Here’s the write up-

“Celebrating awe-inspiring moments of magic—both large and small—that are at the heart of so many Disney stories, “Magic Happens” reminds us we don’t need wings to fly, shooting stars were made to wish upon, and magic doesn’t stop at midnight.”

Guests can look forward to floats inspired by various characters:


(Photo Credit: Disney)

“On her voyager wa‘a (or canoe), Moana journeys forth on the crest of a beautiful wave, inspired by beautiful koa wood carvings inset with LED panels, providing a dazzling glimpse into the magic the ocean holds.”


(Photo Credit: Disney)

“Celebrating the magic that happens when Miguel strums the guitar of Ernesto de la Cruz, the spectacular float inspired by the Disney and Pixar film “Coco” bridges the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead with vibrant marigolds. Fantastical alebrije spirit animals join the procession, along with Miguel’s dog Danté.”

The finale of this new parade will celebrate the classic Disney stories like Sleeping Beauty.

(Photo Credit: Disney)

“The regal grand finale of “Magic Happens” parade celebrates magical moments from classic Disney stories, including the trio of fairies from “Sleeping Beauty” who transform Princess Aurora’s gown from pink to blue and back again!”

Of course that’s not all. This new parade will feature ​ more floats and characters, a peppy musical score and a new song, that was produced in partnership with Todrick Hall.

Get ready for this new daytime show next year!

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