Luke Skywalker Created Snoke According to Lucasfilm and Marvel


We’ve told you before about the schism that has existed between Jon Favreau’s vision for Star Wars and the Kathleen Kennedy Crew. Nowhere has that become more apparent than in the latest Star Wars comic as a joint venture between Lucasfilm and Marvel. To say they’re both malicious towards the character of Luke Skywalker, and fully incompetent in their understanding of the Star Wars narrative, is a vast understatement. Let’s get straight to the headline (spoilers ahead):

According to Darth Vader #11, which is considered Star Wars canon, The Emperor appears to have created Snoke, and probably much more, using something called “The Scalpel of Creation”. Ignore for a moment just how stupid that title is. “What is the Scalpel of Creation?” you ask, while attempting to not laugh. Well, it’s none other than a severed, pale-skinned hand. Whose severed, pale-skinned hand might that be? Given that Anakin’s severed limbs were severely burned and damaged, there’s just one severed hand in Star Wars lore that matches up: Luke Skywalker.

So what author Greg Pak is almost certainly presenting as official Star Wars canon is that Luke Skywalker’s severed hand created Snoke. Talk about continuing to destroy the hero of Luke Skywalker!

So there you go… Disney just keeps slaughtering the story of Luke Skywalker. Not only did he cause his own defeat by facing Darth Vader before he was ready in “The Empire Strikes Back,” but in doing so he gave the Emperor clones(?) his magic hand that would reverse everything he accomplishes in redeeming Darth Vader and defeating Palpatine.

Take that, George Lucas.

So that you can understand what’s going on here, let’s review the original mythos for Star Wars that made it the most popular franchise in the western world prior to George Lucas selling the property.

Here’s now the George Lucas story structure went:

A messianic figure gives into understandable darkness due to his pain and becomes the puppet of pure evil, bringing grave damage and oppression to civilization. His son, unaware of his father’s plight, grows up idealizing what his father once was without knowing his downfall. His innocent son goes on an adventure with his friends, as well as his sister, attempting to right the wrongs of their world. In doing so, the son becomes aware of his father’s fallen state… and thus his own potential for great evil. In spite of this, the son attempts to redeem the father of his sins, believing there is yet good in him, and is willing to sacrifice his own life to save even a glimmer of the ideal that might be inside his ancestry. In voluntarily taking this sacrifice, and overcoming the shadow that consumed his father, refusing to take on evil despite every reason to do so, the son redeems the father, defeats evil, and restores balance to his world.

Bounding Into Comics’ Take on Lucasfilm Blaming Luke for Snoke

That’s the Star Wars story before Disney. That’s why it’s more than space wizards and laser swords.

Here’s the Disney Star Wars story:

An evil being, that may be one of many clones, uses a messianic figure’s downfall to conquer the world and essentially enslave the universe. After doing so, the evil being has sex with someone, resulting in a female child that is abandoned on a desert planet. Meanwhile, the downfallen messiah figure also had children abandoned on a desert planet. However, the son of the downfallen messiah figure decides to attack his father too soon, and as a result he loses his hand in battle. The evil being takes that magic hand and uses it to create more utter evil out of nothing (creation ex nihilo for you theology people). The son defeats the father, and the evil being, except that he doesn’t because it’s just a trick. The son then goes into exile after a while, and everything he believed in is torn down around him. The evil being’s own progeny much later comes onto the scene, finds the now-hermit son to be pathetic, and essentially defeats her own father or grandfather clone-guy all on her own. The end.

And let’s get real, the Disney story is actually more convoluted – and much worse than that – but it would take many paragraphs to cover just how narratively flawed what they’ve created has become.

But, hey, the good news is that according to the Lucasfilm Story Group, canon doesn’t matter anyway, right? Right?

Honestly, this is just becoming predictable. Marvel just finished creating a controversy by comparing Dr. Jordan Peterson to a Hitler-esque super villain, so they waited a bit before making some new ridiculously stupid decision with Luke. Maybe next month they’ll have Han Solo turn out to be in a relationship with Geode, the sexual rock creature they came up with earlier this year. They’re really good at writing stuff, everyone.

They’d like you to believe that people who hate on Star Wars are of a particular political agenda, that the critics are really bad people, and that they’re anti-woman. None of that is remotely true for the vast, vast majority. Star Wars is only a laughing stock because the people running it are malicious and fully incompetent to a degree that is hard to comprehend.

At this point, Lucasfilm has become a parody of itself, and Marvel Comics has been there for a while (note they’re separate from the MCU which is somewhat protected from this). Almost anything Lucasfilm produces, outside of Jon Favreau, should be treated as fodder for mocking and lower than fan-fiction. I hate to say it, but that’s the reputation they’ve earned.


Update 11:29 EST, 5/2/21: We’ve noticed that some fans are claiming that the Scalpel of Creation refers to a computer system, and not Luke’s hand (see, we really do read your comments and care). While anything is possible in fiction depending on what the writer does with the material, in reading the comic again it does seem to strongly indicate that the severed hand is the source of the power. From the difference in color for its chamber, to the fact it’s the only thing that wasn’t created in these vats, every indication to us is that Luke’s hand is being used to power Palpatine’s creation of anything. If Lucasfilm changes that or retcons it, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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