Lucasfilm Low Key Changes Designs for ‘Star Wars: The High Republic’?


Did Lucasfilm just sneak in some design changes for their upcoming Star Wars: The High Republic publishing endeavor? According to some recently uncovered images images, it would seem to be the case.

Initially known as “Project Luminous,” The High Republic is a series of comic books and novels that take place approximately 400 years before The Phantom Menace.

When Lucasfilm made the announcement several months ago, the initial reaction seemed pretty mixed. Some praised the company for taking Star Wars in a new direction, while others expressed concern that Lucasfilm was emphasizing current year politics over organic storytelling.

Not long after the announcement video, it was stated The High Republic novels would be delayed.

Regardless, it would seem that some changes have been made to the initial character designs, according to Bounding Into Comics.

For example, here is the original design of the character of protagonist Avarr Kriss

Below is a recently revised version of the same character.

Note that she looks stronger, and frankly, more feminine than the original.

It’s being rumored that this character may have been created with Brie Larson in mind should The High Republic go to film, as she’s been itching to work on Star Wars.

Bounding Into Comics has more pics of the redesigned characters, and you can see them here.

[Source: Bounding Into Comics]

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