Lucasfilm Confirms Leslye Headland Is Getting A Disney+ Star Wars Show


First Shop Disney broke and irritated fans and now Lucasfilm decided to go a step further and announced that Leslye Headland will be the writer, executive producer, and showrunner on a new female-led show on Disney+.

Now when this information first came out about a week ago, we didn’t cover it because it wasn’t coming from a confirmed source. It was merely a “leak” and it felt more like a PR push than an actual announcement.

Pair that with the immediate backlash over their choice of spinning it as a “Female-Centric Star Wars film” and the media acting like this was somehow a “new thing.” Women have been in Star Wars since the beginning. Women have been fans since the beginning. No, they didn’t invent “strong female characters” in the last few years. They don’t advertise shows like Obi-Wan as “male-centric” either. All of this just turned a lot of people off.

Then there was the rumor that it was in an alternate time-line. Still not sure if they meant a time-line they haven’t explored yet or an actual alternate time-line, but either way that didn’t sit well with fans.

Then it came out that she was not only Harvey Weinstein’s personal assistant, she also supposedly deleted a bunch of tweets off of her Twitter before the Variety “leak” came out.

(credit to WDWPro and Bounding Into Comics)

WDWPro actually found a comment made by her on Twitter and it was reported to Bounding Into Comics.

(Credit WDWPro and Bounding Into Comics)

Apparently, both Bob Chapek and Bob Iger were caught off guard by the Variety article and were “livid” over the choice of Headland, of which I heard other sources say the same thing. The rumor is they were allegedly concerned about possible legal issues.

(Credit WDWPro and Bounding Into Comics)

So it seems they had good reason to be concerned, but apparently that has been resolved. Or the press was already all over it and they feel they can’t pull it back now. But there’s enough allegedly, supposedly, rumors that it makes one question the choice.

Then today announces her show officially. Hey as long as she doesn’t get Mara Jade.

Frankly this once “mega Star Wars fangirl” doesn’t really care much about Star Wars anymore, and for me that’s saying something.

I will not watch her show when it comes to Disney+. I think everything about it has been shady and it has nothing to do with it being a female-centric show, even though that’s how the media will spin it.  All the “misogynists” hate it.  Well I’m a woman, and one who’s been a Star Wars fan my entire life, and I think this whole thing is already heading into “agenda” territory and all I want is just a good show that’s fun.

It’s not for me. It might be for you and that’s okay.

What do you think? Comment and let us know!

Sources:, WDWPro and Bounding Into Comics

Featured Image: Empire Online

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