Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy Collaborate with the Chinese Communist Party


Sometimes you write a headline and you just can’t believe it’s real. That’s the world we’re living in right now I suppose. And honestly, this one actually sickens me, so I’m going to keep it short.

Right now, there is a country that is operating massive concentration camps, utilizing a slave labor industry, committing genocide against religious minorities, and overtaking democratic cities. That country is China. It is the same country that unleashed holy hell on the entire world via a virus that either escaped out of incompetence or malice. Lucasfilm has decided that this enemy of all freedom-loving individuals is the kind of entity that they want to partner with.

Behold, a whole new set of stories set in a uniquely Chinese part of the galaxy far far away, written in collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party via the company Tencent. I’m out of criticism because of just how depraved this is, so I’ll summarize this as best as I can and then stop the article because of how deeply I’m offended. This is at least as bad as if an American entertainment company had partnered with Nazi Germany in 1938 to create Nazi-approved literature/propaganda. And this is coming from the Walt Disney Company. This is the equivalent of burning an American flag and urinating on Walt’s grave.

Original Article

Kudos to Jar Jar Abrams on the scoop. No matter what happens with Jon Favreau’s vision for Star Wars, the company Lucasfilm… and potentially Disney… are compromised by the Chinese Communist Party at this point, and you can actually begin calling them evil. I don’t know how else you could describe this. I’m nauseated by how freaking evil this is, so that’s the end of the article. Have a nice weekend, God bless the United States of America, God bless democracy, and God bless liberty.

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