Lucasfilm and Disney Fire Gina Carano Yet Many Of Their Own People Don’t Use Pronouns In Their Twitter Bios

Gina Carano at Star Wars the Mandalorian event

We just had Gina Carano fired off of “Star Wars: The Mandalorian” for “offensive” tweets. But a lot of her targeted harassment started when she was told that she needed to put her pronouns in her bio. She declined and then she was targeted and harassed and the #CancelGinaCarano push really started.

But if not having your pronouns in your bio makes you against the LGBTQ+ community why do so many other Disney and Lucasfilm employees not have their preferred pronouns in their bio? Why were they not targeted by Twitter cancellation mobs for it, as have other people?

Now I do not agree with everything Ms. Carano tweets, nor do I agree with everything many people or celebrities tweet. But the narrative around this is questionable. I’ve seen the Twitter mobs harass people for not agreeing with them or doing as they demand. I’ve seen people call others “Nazi” over not likeing a cartoon, movie or show. I’ve personally received messages telling me to kill myself and making comments against my children because I didn’t like a cartoon. These are the same types of people involved in this “Cancel Culture” mentality. Which needs to stop. Until Hollywood stands up against this very vocal minority it will not stop.

Here’s her response to the initial onslaught:

When she refused to put in her pronouns she got responses like the following:

Now. This being said. A lot of people associated with Disney or Lucasfilm don’t put pronouns in their bio. They aren’t being cancelled for it and they shouldn’t be.

So when so many other people associated with Lucasfilm and Disney don’t have pronouns in their bios why was Gina Carano told she had to put them in hers?

People were mad when she got tired of it and put Beep/Bop/Beep in her bio and that’s what the media kept covering. Not all the issues that led up to it.

After all of this she was constantly followed and targeted for anything she said or even posts she liked on social media. It does seem that she has conservative leanings which seems to have made the cancellation efforts intensify.

Yes, she did post some questions about the election, which many people also posted. She did question mask wearing, as many people also have done. But on social media, especially Twitter, you are not allowed to have a different opinion and when you do you must be “cancelled.”

She probably should have stopped Tweeting, however, other people who have posted questionable things have been allowed to do so. They even were protected for it. There is a double standard and it’s dangerous. Plus this idea that you should accept harassment and say nothing is not right either. Disney stood up for others and allowed them to keep posting.

Shame on Disney and Lucasfilm for letting Gina be harassed for her lack of pronouns on her bio, as they themselves don’t have theirs listed. 

If you want to put your pronouns up good. Do it!

If you don’t want to that’s fine too. Both choices are valid.

It’s a personal choice, a choice that we supposedly have the right to make. It’s a choice that some people at Disney and Lucasfilm seem to have a right to make.

Same with who you vote for. It’s a choice granted to each citizen in this country. I disagree with people all the time but I don’t go around targeting them, threatening them and bullying them. Especially when they weren’t even talking to me. Maybe Gina wouldn’t have said what she said if she wasn’t actually being harassed constantly.

Here’s her “abhorrent” post:

Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors… even by children… Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?

Now Gina Carano has been fired for a historically accurate social media post talking about the holocaust. Many say she compared being a Republican to the holocaust and that is what the “outrage” is about. Ironically, a lot of the people “offended” are the same people that call those that don’t agree with them “Hitler” or “nazi” on a daily basis.

I just wanted to make sure that context was posted on the pronoun tweets because many media sites want to discuss but not actually show context to lead the narrative.

Disney needs to institute some kind of social media guidelines that are equitable to everyone. Some people seem to be allowed to say what they like while others are supposed to say nothing or be fired. That is wrong.

Also I thought Disney was about supporting all women and Bob Chapek even mentioned “female empowerment” in the investor call. Seems only some people are allowed to be empowered.

Now onto other Disney news.

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