Long Rumored Bugs: Eaten Alive House Announced for Halloween Horror Night 2022


Speculation season for Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) 2022 brought us an idea of house full of bugs for this year. Horror Night Nightmares listed an original concept house entitled simply “Bug House.” This predicted original HHN house looked rumored to be built on eerie spaces and creepy crawly bugs. When this rumor developed, the idea of guests being transformed to the 1950s shines within the rumors. I struggled to find an idea that matched that in pop culture. However, I lacked knowledge that would have created “Puppet Theatre” from last year. That house ended near the top of most people’s favorite HHN houses from 2021. So, I guess something pop culture from my world does not matter for a great HHN house.

Yet, in early July, Hallowed Out Horror released a speculation map with a full title for a bug themed house. “Magnified Fears Bug House” looked like a realization of the bug themed rumors. Other sources claimed this house might serve as the comedy style house for this year. Will this house be a comical style 1950’s horror house? How do you make bugs comical? Will they be ridiculously large like a bad science fiction movie of the by-gone era? Do we get some spooky humor of an exterminator dealing with mutant size bugs? Will this house involve no comedy at all?

Several sources leaked information that Universal Orlando designed or revived a special prop to simulate the movement of bugs for this year. Of course, that ranks as just a rumor. We all know how many theme park rumors never pan out. In most informed speculation, a house with bugs as a theme continued to be a dominant rumor through July. Naturally, many people shy away from creepy crawly bugs. Would a bug style house involve the feeling of bugs crawling on you?

Like many other speculation theories, this one appeared confirmed with the “leaked” HHN 2022 shirt photo which graced the internet on July 25th. With the lack on any HHN announcements in over a month at that point, this “leak” quickly gained speed in the rumor mill. Some reputable sources stated the shirt was 100% genuine. The title listed on that shirt was “Bugs: Eaten Alive” Not sure this title helps me understand this house any better. However, that title does sound scary. Will it be a truly creepy house with the felling of bugs crawling on you? Will it be more of a comedy horror style house?

Well, it appears that many of the “Bug” rumors rang true. Universal described this house in these words: “While touring a 1950s home of the future, guests will be swarmed by hordes of revolting insects after a pest control system failure unleashes them. Many-legged horrors, growing, mutating and laying eggs in human hosts will worm their way into the deepest of fears. Those who dare enter will be dropping like flies in “Bugs: Eaten Alive.”

Whether this sounds fun or terrifying to you, you have to admit this theme fits HHN. Enjoy the spooky this year!

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