Loki Tracks for Big Launch — Double Wandavision, Less Than Mandalorian


If you’ve been frequenting Pirates and Princesses over the past six months, you know that Disney+ original content has been pulling less and less interest. The downward trajectory began after the Gina Carano situation and has yet to recover. We were ahead of just about everyone else when we declared in February that Disney was shocked by Disney+ cancellations over the issue. The result was Disney missing domestic Disney+ subscriber goals by many millions.

But that may all be coming to an end…

Overall, our tracking shows that Disney+ interest is continuing to wane. Cruella was yet another example of new Disney content being lackluster in customer response. But one exception to the overall trend is Loki, and it portends to be a gamechanger for The Walt Disney Company. With a character that spans far back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie timeline, and a popular actor in Tom Hiddleston, interest for Loki is relatively sky high compared to recent Disney+ content. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

According to our search engine comparative analysis, Loki interest has already doubled pre-season Wandavision searches. Using The Mandalorian’s season two finale as our chart apex (because it correlates to Disney’s only Disney+ original content taking first place in all of streaming), we set that Luke Skywalker cameo event as the current Disney+ 100 rating. Within that parameter, Wandavision was pulling 6% of that 100% interest level when Wandavision was preparing to premier. The Mandalorian pre-Season 2, on the other hand, maxed out at 16% of its eventual largest interest pull.

Looking at Loki — the line appropriately in green — we can see that it is pulling a very impressive 12%. That’s slightly less than The Mandalorian, but double Wandavision.

What this means is that Loki has the potential to be a breakout success for Disney’s summer. It also means that should Disney flub the first season of the series, it will truly have been a costly fumble. After the deflated response to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki is Disney’s best shot at providing a glimmer for a third quarter subscriber drive. While Disney isn’t in dire straits, their current positioning is not as rosy as their pixie dusters would wish you believe. The initial launch of Disney+ was an astounding success, but the mouse rocket has sputtered in the past half year.

Image Courtesy: Variety

Perhaps no person is feeling this stress as much as ‎Michael Waldron. The young writer, picked out of relative obscurity, is the head writer for Loki. Not only is he the head writer for Loki, but he’s also been picked up by Kevin Feige himself to write the Feige-managed Star Wars film that’s out there in the horizon. For Waldron, Loki’s success could be the catalyst for a huge career — or should it fail, it could call into question his ability to handle a Star Wars movie. Does Disney have its diamond in the rough writer to carry them to victories ahead? We’ll find out soon.

One thing is certain: Disney has its first original content buzz since The Mandalorian Season 2. Whether or not they execute on that excitement will soon be seen.

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