Lip Reader Deciphers What Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Said


Many of us are excited to see the third (and possibly final) Deadpool film starring Ryan Reynolds. Not only does this film serve as a finale to the series, but perhaps can be seen as a bookend between the 20th Century Fox X-Men series as the IP moves over to Disney and Marvel Studios.

But this time it’s extra exciting since we will not only be seeing Ryan Reynolds back as Deadpool, but also fan favorite Hugh Jackman back as Logan aka Wolverine. For years Jackman has tried (and failed) to retire from the role, but Reynolds has seemingly talked him into putting the claws back one once more.

He must feel like Sean Connery being asked to play James Bond over and over.

Shortly after the announcement the pair released a teaser where they tell us what to see from the film. And is typical Ryan Reynolds fashion it’s a joke. Loud music plays over the whole explanation and we don’t hear a single thing they say.

Well is appears we can tell what they are (mostly) saying thanks to @Jomboy_, head of @JomboyMedia via Twitter. He did a lip reading of the video and here is what he deciphered:

Turns out it was a bunch of gibberish, nothing that gives us any major plot details. But at least it was a funny joke that we all could laugh at.

With what seemed to be the impossible happening, perhaps we may even see more Fox-era X-Men return for one final performance, similar to how Patrick Stewart returned for Doctor Strange 2.

Personally I’d like to see Halle Berry return as Storm since her and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine had an unresolved romance towards the end.

What do you want to see in Deadpool 3? More Gore? More Cursing? Wolverine actually wearing the Yellow Suit? Let us know.

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