Limited-Time Girl Scout Cookie Doughnut at Everglazed Disney Springs

Photo Credit: Everglazed Doughnuts promotional photo

In early 2021, the doughnut creation place, Everglazed, opened at Disney Springs. Last year, my spouse and I visited the place. She got the seasonal Girl Scout Cookie Doughnut. As a budget conscious diner, I mobile ordered some Starbucks using my “star” rewards before sitting down with her for a snack.

I had been reviewing Voodoo Doughnuts at Universal Orlando CityWalk on the previous days. This moment presented a wonderful time to compare the two themed doughnut places. The short version of that review entails Everglazed being better but far more expensive.

My spouse enjoyed that doughnut being a big fan of Girl Scout Cookies to start with. However, on a most recent solo trip to Disney Springs, I enjoyed at least five different flavor Everglazed doughnuts. You should expect more reviews of them in the upcoming days. I may or may not be enjoying one right now as I am typing.

The 2022 version of the Girl Scout Cookie Doughnut appeared at Everglazed.

This time, the doughnut received my full attention. The description from Everglazed reads:“a chocolate glazed donut topped with crumbled Thin Mints, chocolate buttercream, mini chocolate chips, and mint icing” Everglazed enjoys placing candy and frosting on top of their large doughnuts.

Photo Credit: Everglazed Doughnuts promotional photo

I recently posted a picture of an Everglazed doughnut on my twitter account. I got several replies directly and indirectly asking if a doughnut existed underneath all that frosting and candy. In fact, doughnuts do function under all those toppings from Everglazed.

Actual doughnut
Photo by Jon Self

So how was the Girl Scout Cookie Doughnut?

As expected, you need to like sugar for this one. You also need to enjoy mint in various forms. The doughnut suffers slightly being overwhelmed by all the toppings. Still, the toppings tasted great. If you have any enjoyment from these style cookies and/or these flavors, then this specialty limited time doughnut beckons you. This doughnut will be sold only in the month of February 2022.

In fairness, these doughnuts cost over $6. The portion size exceeds a standard doughnut. Yet, that price point could damage your budget quickly. If interested in a chocolate mint adventure, give this a try. If you are a fan of only standard glazed doughnuts, then spend your money elsewhere. Please be on lookout for more doughnut reviews in upcoming weeks.

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