Let Them Eat Noodles and Shrimp – Disney World Restaurant ‘Ohana Triggers Fans


There’s a common trend occurring around Walt Disney World Resort right now. It seems that whenever restaurants reopen, somehow they offer just a little bit less than they did before the pandemic, while sometimes charging more. We’ve covered previously how this is likely due (in part) to food price inflation over the past twelve months. Now we’re seeing it happen yet again, this time with the uber-popular restaurant at The Polynesian called ‘Ohana.

Although the pricing seems not to have changed, fans were quick to notice that the restaurant was missing some menu items. In their place were items that are likely cheaper for Disney to whip up. Because ‘Ohana is a family style all-you-care-to-eat restaurant based on Oceanic cuisine, switching to less costly fare is a financially easy decision for Disney… as long as they don’t anger the customers who love the items axed from the menu.

Courtesy: Disney Food Blog

I suppose noodles and whole shrimp are, in fact, items that customers want to remain. And yes, said customers are unhappy.

In the place of the yakisoba noodles, which were pineapple glazed with sautéed bok choi, is now egg-fried rice. Clearly we can assume that rice and eggs are cheaper than pineapple glaze and bok choi. Meanwhile, in the place of the whole shrimp (coconut shrimp are still available for an upcharge), Disney will be providing a “shrimp casserole”. That doesn’t necessarily sound appetizing to me, even though I sort of love both shrimp and casserole. Unless this is sort of a crab cake kind of thing, I just don’t see how shrimp and casserole are going to be a popular part of the meal. For Disney, though, being able to fill up patrons on breading and small, sliced shrimp is a win-win for the pocketbook.

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You can be sure the ‘Ohana fans have been quick to demand their noodles and shrimp back, although we have yet to hear from Disney if they’d be open to reversing course. We bet you can figure out the likelihood. Here are some of the tweets in regards to this Disney Dinner Disaster, which we’re happy to share given the topic has actually trended (if you can believe it):

And although this might qualify as a first world problem, we gotta say, we hear you about the noodles! If you’ve had a magical experience at ‘Ohana in the past, you probably are eager to rekindle that nostalgia in the future. And seriously, how are you going to do it without the pineapple-glazed noodles?!?

We’d tell you that there’s a solid chance Lilo and Stich will also not be returning to ‘Ohana, and that Moana just might down the road. But that would distract you from the Noodle Tragedy of 2021, and we’re just not going to do that to you.

Hasta la pasta, friends. Let us know if you’re ready to demand the noodles return in the comments below!

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