Lena Headey Allegedly Being Sued For Cut Thor: Love And Thunder Role


Actress Lena Headey, known for films such as Disney 1994 Live Action Remake of The Jungle Book and 2007’s 300 (and its 2014 sequel) as well as starring in the popular Game of Thrones television series, finds herself in some serious legal trouble with her former agency. 

The U.K. based talent agency, Troika, is currently seeking $1.5 Million in damages due to unpaid commission fees. The $1.5 Million is the result of an accumulation of multiple roles the actress had played. $300,000 for the 2022 film 9 Bullets, $650,000 for her role in the canceled television series Rita and $500,000 for a part in the upcoming Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder (equating to about 7% of her fee on the $7 Million she made from Marvel).

But it appears that her part in the latest MCU adventure was cut from the final film, so the actress is being sued for something that audiences won’t be able to see until the BluRay release under the “Deleted Scenes” tab.

It is currently unknown what role she would have played in the film. Perhaps she would have been an Asguardian, perhaps an Olympian or even one of the being Thor encounters while joyriding with the Guardians of the Galaxy. We will never get a definitive answer until the physical release of the film.

Apparently Headey wasn’t the only actor that was cut from the film. Recent reports state that scenes with both Jeff Goldblum (who played The Grandmaster in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarock) and Peter Dinklage (who played Eitri in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War) were also removed from the final cut.

The actress claims that she doesn’t owe Troika any more than she has already paid for her Rita pilot, and that she never signed a formal contract with the agency and that they never renegotiated for her roles in 9 Bullets and Thor: Love and Thunder.

Source: Variety

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