LEGO Ideas Is Making A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Set!

The Nightmare Before Christmas LEGO Set
Photo Credit: LEGO Ideas

I’m unsure how this flew under the radar, but we’ve just learned that Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas will become an official LEGO set! We saw this news pop up last night on Instagram via timburtonswonderland.

The concept for the new kit was developed and submitted to LEGO Ideas by Simon Scott in late 2020. Since then, the recreation of Jack Skellington’s home has undergone a few changes and additions, including the town hall. The concept captures Tim Burton’s unique artistic style, with loads of abstract architecture and plenty of gray bricks.

LEGO announced that Scott’s Ideas entry had 10K supporters, and it took him about six months to replicate the three original scenes (the hill, Jack’s house, and the fountain). It took an additional four weeks to replace the hanging tree scene with the town hall, according to a 10K Club interview.

Photo Credit: LEGO Ideas
Photo Credit: LEGO Ideas
Photo Credit: LEGO Ideas
Photo Credit: LEGO Ideas

An official release date has not been set yet for this kit. There’s probably quite a bit of tinkering to go into this before it is ready for eager fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Over the years, LEGO Ideas submissions have brought us several long-awaited kits like The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Voltron, The Office’s office, The Home Alone house, Jerry’s apartment from Seinfeld, and Friends’ Central Perk. Those are only some of the most recent releases.

Now comes the part that always hurts the most, the price. Although it has not been finalized yet, it’s no surprise if Halloween Town comes in at $200+. The Lord of the Rings Rivendell kit we covered recently on ClownfishTV is $499.99 and maybe around the same size as Halloween Town.

What’s on your wishlist of shows or movies LEGO should tackle next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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[Source: LEGO]

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