Legendary Comic Book Artist George Pérez Passes Away At Age 67


Sad news for the world of comic books as legendary artist and creative George Pérez passed away at age 67.

George Pérez if often considered to be one of the most influential comic artists of the Bronze Age of comics, drawing for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics respectively.

George began his career in the 1970s working under Rich Buckler. He would later go on to work on a number of tiles like Spider-Man, The Avengers and The Fantastic Four. He would also go on to co-create the villain Taskmaster.

In the 1980s while still working at Marvel he was also able to work as DC and helped launch The New Teen Titans. In 1984 after returning from a leave of absence he worked with Marc Wolfman on the immensely popular and influential Crisis on Infinite Earths story for the 50th Anniversary of the company.

He would later team up with writer Greg Potter and would have a very successful run on Wonder Woman. He would also continue to work on New Teen Titans and even Superman.

In 1991 after having issues on the War of the Gods book at DC Pérez would work with Jim Starling at Marvel to create Infinity Gauntlet, the comic that eventually inspired Avengers: Infinity War. He would later go on to write for the Avengers and Silver Surfer.

Later on he and Kurt Busiek would eventually give us JLA/Avengers, one of the most celebrated comic book crossovers of all time. The series released in 2003 and is considered some of his best work. Just recently the book received a limited re-release with a new cover in honor of him.

George eventually returned to DC in 2006 and would go on to work on both Brave and the Bold and Superman.

Pérez would continue to work until 2019 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

George Pérez will be remembered for his amazing work that both entertained and inspired millions of readers. We wish his family nothing but prayers and good will.

Source: Variety 

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