Lawsuit Filed Against Disney Over ‘Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance’ Ride Technology


Whether you like it or hate it, Rise of the Resistance is one of the Disney Park’s most ambitious attractions and is one of the big parts of Galaxy’s Edge. Part ride, part walkthrough attraction, you venture through as you battle the First Order and aid the Resistance against the rising threat. But according to a new lawsuit some concepts and technology for the hybrid attraction have been allegedly stolen.

A company called Raven Sun Creative filed a lawsuit against Disney World claiming patent infringement in the Orlando Division of the U.S. District Court. The company is owned by Louis Alferi, a former Universal Studios executive. 

The patent covers technology based around a vertically moving rider trolley with video screens to make the riders feel like they are moving with the environment. The movement on the tower is synced with the video screen and the seat’s movements to add to the illusion and immersion of the experience. 

The end sequence of Rise of the Resistance gives the illusion of being shot out of an escape pod. Perhaps this is why they feel that their patent was infringed upon.

Raven Sun Creative claimed that they had contacted Disney in 2014 and submitted the concepts they came up with. But Disney wasn’t interested. Then in early 2020 Raven Sun contacted Disney and stated that the ride infringed on their copyright, but were ignored.

This lead up to the current lawsuit that was filed on November 9th of 2021.

**Editors Note** (Sounds like when they ignored the copyright claim the owners of the Predator franchise submitted. Are we starting to see a pattern here?)

This might end up being another case of Disney just paying them to go away, but this is more unique compared to other lawsuits over character designs and story similarities, this is a theme park ride.

Due to the lawsuit only being filed this last Tuesday it’s too early to call what might happen. I doubt that Disney will just close the ride forever since it’s one of their most popular. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. 

Source: Cinema Blend, Florida Politics 

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