Ken Penders Shows Photos Of Props From Canceled Spider-Man 4


The Sam Raimi Spider-Man series is often called one of the best super hero series in history. Brining many classic comic book characters to life in a way that felt like the classic comics. The franchise lasted from 2002 – 2007 and consisted of three films.

However, there were indeed plans for a fourth film. But sadly it was never meant to be due to Raimi and SONY executives disagreeing on what direction to take the series.

The proposed fourth film would have seen Vulture (played by John Malkovich) as the main antagonist with appearances from Mysterio, The Lizard and Black Cat (Reportedly said to be played by Anne Hathaway. Ironic since she would later go on to play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises). 

Though the film never got off the ground outside of a few production drawings and a few scripts there was some progress being made on some of the costumes for said characters. More specifically Vulture’s wings as it would have required a very detailed and articulated practical prop due to CGI not being as advanced as it is today.

But after 15 years we finally have a glimpse at those old wings. Infamous comic book writer Ken Penders posted a few photos on his Twitter account that he had apparently been sitting on. He says that he was friends with one of the people at the workshop and took a few photos.

Apparently someone replied to his post saying that the wings were sold at auction and were displayed in the now defunct Edmonton’s Prop Museum which closed in 2019. The prop wings were paired with a prosthetic Venom head for some reason. Perhaps they came with the wings in a lot.

The current whereabouts of the wings are unknown to the public. 

It is a shame that we never got to see Raimi’s 4th film. He has since said he regretted not making at and hasn’t completely ruled out returning to Spider-Man after the success of No Way Home.

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