Kathleen Kennedy Posts Oscars Video on YouTube… Video is “Disliked” into Oblivion


In the first public appearance since the firing of Gina Carano, and thus the Cancel Disney+ movement, Kathleen Kennedy appeared in a YouTube video celebrating women’s achievements in the film industry. Hosted on the Oscars YouTube channel, the video has received 25,000 views thus far at the time of our publication.

The response has not been great. In a ratio that is seriously hard to achieve, Kathleen Kennedy’s video has 72 “likes” and almost six thousand “dislikes”. This isn’t a case of two fanbases upvoting and downvoting a video — this is a woman who seems to be devoid of any support from any consumer demographic.

Frankly, there’s not a lot of joy to take away from this. When Mrs. Kennedy took over at Lucasfilm, there was significant enthusiasm for her, and that’s hard to remember now. It has only been four short years since that all truly started to unravel, and it’s difficult to think of any entertainment leader who is more loathed. But it cannot be ignored that catastrophic missteps have happened over and over and over at Lucasfilm, with many of those missteps being characterized by contempt for consumers and malice for personnel that don’t do exactly what Mrs. Kennedy demands.

We sincerely hope that Star Wars, Lucasfilm, and Disney will begin to restructure themselves into non-partisan entities that take responsibility over the importance of the mythologies they have purchased into their intellectual property holdings. Star Wars has cultural significance. Choosing to cease the sale of merchandise produced via Chinese slave labor has societal impacts. Supporting women of all political stripes is of moral concern.

If Disney and its subsidiaries continue in this fashion, it’s hard to see how public disgust doesn’t eventually translate into significant drops in revenue. You can fake the Super Bowl numbers if you want using newly implemented “statistics”, you can inflate your streaming numbers using free subscriptions through companies like Verizon, but all those facades will eventually fade away. Here’s to hoping Walt’s company gets back on an ethical track before further damage is done, not only to their company, but to our society as ideology and partisanship drive good people farther and farther away. We need “watering holes” where people can gather from disparate world views and share commonality.

Star Wars and other Disney brands once were those gathering places. They are no longer, and that’s why Kathleen Kennedy is being downvoted into oblivion.

Update 8:54 PM EST, 2/17/21
Either The Oscars or YouTube have disabled comments and hidden the like/dislike numbers. At the time they did so, there were thousands and thousands of likes/dislikes, with the approximate ratio being 1% like, 99% dislike. But now they’re hidden, because, we live in the Age of Disinformation.

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