Kathleen Kennedy Assures Fans Newly Announced Films Are Far Along This Time


A new game amongst ‘Star Wars’ fans is guessing how long after Kathleen Kennedy announces a new project it will be canceled. A ridiculous amount of films have been announced that later ended up scrapped. Now it’s gotten so bad that she is assuring fans that the new films announced at Star Wars Celebration are “pretty far along.”

While speaking to IGN, Lucasfilm head Kathy Kennedy stated that the films announced by Dave Filoni, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and James Mangold “have progressed far beyond the status of mere “ideas” and “she and Obaid-Chinoy have been working on their project “for a couple years already.””

Other films and shows were well underway when they were canceled or changed too. Rian Johnson still is out in the media saying his trilogy hasn’t been canceled and Kathleen just confirmed that stating it’s all about his schedule, yet nothing is in “active development.”

Even after the new movie announcements were made at Star Wars Celebration, many fans discussed how none of it matters because we’ve seen announcements before. Some of these quotes were from a few months ago because it’s been so ongoing.

We have seen many projects announced and canceled over the last few years. Those that remain often get multiple staff changes, new scripts, new directors, etc. We’ve had release dates for films that were canceled as well.

At this point fans shouldn’t get excited or attached to anything until it is just weeks out from release. Only then is it likely a safe bet.

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Source: CBR

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