Karen Gillian Addresses Her Awkward Pose In The GotG3 Poster


Recently Marvel released the poster for the upcoming third and final installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy series releasing this May. The poster shows off the band of misfits in non-super hero clothing like it’s Casual Friday.

However, one of the characters that received the most attention was that of Nebula, the former villain turned hero and foster sister to Gomora. In the photo Nebula, who has mostly been portrayed very feminine, is seen striking an awkward pose with her arm raised up.

Initially some fans were concerned that she was being censored and made to look more boyish as her traditional femme fatal look is completely gone in this photo.

But it now appears that it wasn’t the fault of Marvel, but Karen herself as in a recent video on her TikTok she explains the whole situation behind the photo blunder:


The Nebula pose 😂#guardiansofthegalaxy #nebula #marvel #marvelstudios

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Okay, can anybody tell me what I was thinking when I decided to pose like THIS on an international, worldwide poster that will remain forevermore? I remember doing this pose and thinking, ‘I think I look pretty cool here.’ So I take full responsibility for this choice, but oh my God, what am I leaning against? What is my elbow doing?. Nope, doesn’t look good now either does it?”

“Maybe I should have doubled down and try to make this pose a thing. Like maybe I’ll dot it at a couple red carpets, see if it takes. Maybe become like the new, you know how men always check their cufflinks, maybe will start *pose* Probably not.”

“I stared at it for so long and I was like ‘Maybe I’m reaching for, you know, a weapon to like take out and fight someone’ then I remembered that I’m not wearing a holster or anything that would even carry a weapon so it’s not that either.”

“You’ll be seeing that pose again where you least expect it. I’m gonna bring it back for it’s return.”

Hopefully this was just an accident that we can all look past and have a laugh at years down the line. She seems to be making fun of the situation, so why shouldn’t we?

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