Jon Watts To Develop New Star Wars Series Centered on Pre-Teens


According to reports it seems that the Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts is developing a new show for the Star Wars universe along with Chris Ford. Watt has worked with Ford on several projects in the past, including the latest Spider-Man film.

Reports from indicate that the new show will not be connected to other previous shows and films and instead would be a 1980’s Amblin-style show focused on four kids growing up after the Empire fell, at least going by the casting notice that has come out.

The show will take place after the Empire fell but before the First Order rose up and is currently codenamed “Grammar Rodeo.” Not much else is known about the show, but Disney could be wanting to appeal to their old Disney Channel audience by focusing on pre-teen kids as the main protagonists in the story, while also appealing to an older audience with the 1980’s era feel.

If you remember Jon Watts was supposed to direct the Fantastic Four film but recently bowed out. Perhaps it was because they offered him this opportunity. It would be a refreshing change from directors leaving over “creative differences.”

Of course nothing is confirmed 100% at this point and it’s just the casting notice indicating that he is doing this. Of course things do change all the time. However, it would make sense given how well Spider-Man: No Way Home did in the box office, it would make sense that they would want to have Jon Watts helm something be it Marvel or Star Wars (but Star Wars seems to need the most help at this point.)

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