Jon Favreau, Peyton Reed and Mark Hamill Discuss How Fans Feel About ‘Star Wars’


There has been a lot of back and forth and ups and downs with Star Wars in the last few years. From the Disney trilogy to ‘The Mandalorian’ fans have been divided on many aspects and united on others.

The media and social media have seemingly gone out of their way to vilify fans that don’t feel the Disney era is the greatest ‘Star Wars’ era ever and even when people enjoy some of the newer ‘Star Wars’ offerings like “The Mandalorian” there has fan mocking for the emotional reactions to the return of a beloved character.

All of this has caused a lot of reactionary behavior in the fandom, both good and not so good.

It seems that Jon Favreau seems to understand how fans feels about Star Wars and why it matters so much to them.

In season two of the ‘The Disney Gallery: Star Wars The Mandalorian” Favreau discusses fans and how important a franchise can be to them.

I think there’s an interplay with storytellers and the people you are telling the story to. I find that the emotions run very deep with Star Wars and people’s relationship, especially people who grew up with it from a young age, feel a lot of connection to it. I think the one consistent thing I’m feeling is that people care deeply that it’s being handled correctly and that it’s being handled respectfully. It meant to much to them and they want to see it continue into the future and feel that it’s all connected with consistency.

I think it was very evident with the Disney sequel trilogy that there wasn’t the consistency or plan needed across the three films. Love them or hate them, they did feel very disjointed.

Director Peyton Reed talked about how important Luke Skywalker is to fans of the franchise and I think it is key to why the way Disney handled the character in the sequel trilogy upset so many.

This is a character that people have over a 40 year relationship with, right. There is an emotion that just comes out with seeing that character again. Certainly seeing that character show up in this show, and also for fans, you know I was 13 when the original ‘Star Wars’ opened so I just, I grew up with ‘Star Wars’ and it was always that fanboy part of me that wanted to see ‘What’s he like in full peak Jedi mode, post Return of the Jedi,’ and we have a chance to do that.

The episode discusses how most of the people working on the project were fans of the show (it shows) and how they each had personal moments. For Favreau it was R2-D2 being with Luke Skywalker.

It was already intense because it was already like “my God here’s Mark Hamill dressed as Luke Skywalker, on our set, in the starship hallway.” It was, it felt like a dream, it was very, very strange, and I was fine and then R2-D2 rolled on and I just had a moment where R2-D2 was there and I, that’s when I broke down, and it felt, I didn’t understand why it felt silly, you know, but I started tearing up, and I was just like ‘Let me remember this moment.'” Even now I’m sort of moved by it and I don’t understand why, I really don’t. I don’t understand why, but it just shows you how deep that stuff goes and what it touches from your childhood, and how you felt then.”

I think a lot of fans know exactly how he felt.

This seems to be difference. When you have fans and people who genuinely care about a franchise and want to see it continue and don’t just want to change so much, just to make it more “now” or more “theirs” it shows.  They do it for fans because they are fans. To be grateful for the chance to work on something that is meaningful to yourself and others.

Favreau and Mark Hamill talked about what it meant to to see the reactions from fans.

Favreau: “To see the reaction, that was a high point of my whole career. That was definitely one those moments you can count on one hand of what makes you grateful that you’re doing what you’re doing, and to hear Peyton react and Dave react and especially Mark. When Mark was seeing the stuff…..”

Hamill: “Jon had sent me links to reaction videos, which were just, you know, because I don’t get to see these things in the audience, to see grown men cry and just these people screaming their heads off, I mean, it was really, really thrilling for me to see them enjoying it so much.

We love the fans. I mean, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you. They are the most loyal, passionate, group of people that I’ve ever encountered. I just have a deep gratitude to their enthusiasm over the years. I never expected that and it’s just been something that I really cherish.”

Dave Filoni talked about how much it meant to the crew watching Mark and to the fans and how the point of ‘Star Wars’ is to bring “a good feeling, an uplifting feeling to you and your family, your kids, or whatever.

I have to tell you it was so refreshing hearing interviews and seeing people trying to create something wonderful that feels like “Star Wars” for the fans that have loved and kept it around for decades.

The surprise appearance of Luke Skywalker excited so many fans and brought a lot of hope back.

That my friends is the difference. You can check out the Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian episodes on Disney+. They have episodes for Season 1 and are now discussing Season 2.

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(Yes I cried a bunch watching the show and writing this.)

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